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The 'E-Lottery' Utopia, and the 'Time Vortex'.

By Peter Moring

Too many of us can't keep up with all things 'internetty'. The 'FRED67 Group' throws us a lifeline.

The 'E-Lottery' Utopia, and the 'Time Vortex'.

With the internet, our lives have been made fantastically
easy compared to just 20 years ago. Not only being able
to 'buy' items on-line or 'promote' our own small
businesses far morecheaply and easily. But we can build
relationships with people we could never have dreamed
of meeting a short while ago.

Couples are hitching up and getting married. Families are
exchanging their homes and their lifestyles with others in
far flung corners of the globe so that they can genuinely
have their 'holiday of a lifetime', far more cost-effectively.

We can make video's on ANY subject, and the World can
view and critique them in an instant using such services
as 'YouTube'.
How more exciting will it get?

We now have a whole new 'Cyber World' where you can
go and trade imaginary products and real estate for
Again, how fantastic a concept is THAT?

Every day the imagination of man creates whole new
ways to imbelish our lives through the internet, and we
are succeeding on every level.

The ONLY problem is; That we 'mere mortals' who are
NOT computer savvy, feel left out. Left behind at the
remote station as the express train full of computer
Geeks went rushing right through.

We still have OUR ambitions and dreams. Our lives
DO still count for something in this 'Time Vortex' the
express train is rushing through. But most of us have
been left there, standing, mouths wide open in AWE
as we try to make sense of the daily developments of
the 'internetty world'.

Who doesn't do the Lottery every week, hoping
against ALL the odds that THIS will be the week our
numbers come up?
When we'll be able to ESCAPE the rat-race we all call
We'll do WHAT we want, WHEN we want, and with
WHO we want.

The main problem there of course, is that almost
EVERYONE who plays the 'Lottery', is simply
donating that money to the 'giants' of men who
actually 'run' the lotteries. The dream of a
MASSIVE lump sum falling effortlessly into our
laps is just as elusive as a rainbow on a wet but
sunny day.

Yes, you can see it there, right infront of you.
Often you can see the end of the rainbow seem-
ingly 'touching' the ground before you.
But try to 'catch' the rainbow, and it moves
stealthily away from you.
Teasing you as it goes, with it's promise of a
'pot of gold' if you can catch it.

However. The lottery does have a secret that
you CAN uncover, and you CAN 'win' every
week that you play. You may not earn the
'fortune' you hope for each time you buy a
ticket, but you can play for FREE! You can also
increase your ACTUAL chances of winning
'Big Time' manyfold.

YES! The internet has stepped in to SAVE us
mere mortals from ourselves.

We CAN play the lotteries each week.
We CAN realistically dream of winning
'the BIG one'.
We CAN play at NO cost to ourselves.
We CAN make very good money each
week in the process.

Did I say 'UTOPIA' at the start of this article?
YES! I most certainly did.
The 'Internetty Savvy Geeks' have come to
our rescue, and 'married' the world of 'Networking'
to the world of 'The Lottery'.

It's a marriage made in 'heaven', and if you do not
become an active member of this group of 'strays
and waifs' that were left behind on that remote
railway station, as the 'internetty express'
roared through. Who are jumping with all their
energy onto this last train of the day.

Then be prepared to be stranded for a very long

To join the others on this train that's tracking a
'Route To Riches' You only need to visit;
It's a simple web-page, but with the most
AWESOME power driving it.

The 'E-Lottery' Utopia, and the 'Time Vortex'.
Married at last, welcome to the 'reception'.
Everyone is invited.

Pete Moring.
About the Author
Peter Moring has been writing 'poetry', 'philosophical articles', and tales of 'serendipity' for many years now.
Much of his work can be sourced from;
The 'FRED67 Group' has it's home at;

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