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Online Resume Writing Software vs. Desktop Resume Creating Tools. What Should You Choose?

By Sarm Software

At the moment, there is a number of various resume making programs in the software market, especially on the internet. A user can choose between two main types of such software: online applications and desktop tools. Which is more preferable and why? What factors should be considered in the first place? Here is a brief survey on professional resume builders, popular among job seekers who don't like to draft a resume from scratch.

Up-to-date resume makers like Resume for All, Sarmsoft Resume Builder and Easy Resume Creator Pro provide a variety of advanced features for creating personalized professional resumes and cover letters that reflect an applicant's career level and experience. Both desktop and online resume writing programs can make a really outstanding resume and enhance your competitiveness a great deal. But still there are some strange and senseless prejudices against using resume writing software. Some users still think that modern resume services are not able to create the right resume for the right position and can't express an applicant's abilities and skills in the most advantageous way, or that the resumes are all alike and may be rejected by the employer as not professional enough. Definitely, that is not true. Let's summarize the main advantages of resume software and examine the differences between the most popular tools.

First, it should be mentioned that Resume for All, Resume Builder and Easy Resume Creator Pro don't tie an applicant to a particular format. The most common format is a chronological resume, but some applicants find it necessary to express their personality, abilities and work experience through a specific style, making emphasis not on the work history as usual, but on skills. All the programs mentioned above allow creating resumes of different types: chronological, functional, combined, or targeted. It may be extremely convenient for creative and energetic applicants with great work experience, as an employer's attention will be focused not on the record of the jobs' and positions' changed, but on the skills and experience.

Second, both online and desktop applications provide as many options as necessary to enable the applicant to express his or her own unique style and personality. Using a resume builder, any job seeker can easily stand out from the mass of other skilled and ambitious competitors. Resume for All, Resume Builder and Easy Resume Creator Pro offer a list of action words for those applicants, who are not sophisticated in writing. It also features high-speed spellchecking for resume sections and cover letter editor with auto-correction of common mistakes. It should be mentioned that Resume Builder is a multilingual program. It offers sample resumes and examples in French, German, and English languages. Meanwhile Easy Resume Creator and Resume for All can't write resume in so many languages.

Third, up-to-date resume builders like Resume for All, Resume Builder and Easy Resume Creator Pro provide all necessary tools enabling users to handle their online-created resume as a usual document, printed on high-quality paper. The resume can be formatted and corrected many times, saved, printed. Uploading photos to a resume is possible too. All mentioned programs contain a great collection of templates, sample cover letters, and other career-related letters for job search correspondence. Also it is possible not only adjust resumes for each vacancy but also write as many resumes as needed.

Fourth, using resume writing software is a quick, easy and effective way of both writing and publishing a resume. For example, Easy Resume Creator Pro has an Integrated FTP publishing wizard, which provides an excellent solution for Web publishers or anyone who distributes their resumes over the internet. Resume for All as an internet service can not only create resumes, but also provide publishing in HTML and Word, so a user gets two URLs for each format. Resume Builder generates an HTML-based resume, which can include hyperlinks and other web-specific functionality. Also FTP client is included, which can upload resumes to your web site right after creation. Finally, only Resume for All offers both publishing and hosting facilities.

New resume software can be your personal manager: it performs your personal organizer functions, finds suitable job positions and posts a resume automatically. For example, Easy Resume Creator Pro features Contact organizer, which organizes a prospective employers' contact information, an applicant's to-do list and personal calendar. It is possible to track the addressees, to which the resume has been sent, networking contacts, and when an applicant is going to follow up. IT is also equipped with Job Crawler a powerful tool for searching available jobs throughout online employment databases. All a job-seeker needs is to select his career field and desired keywords. Speaking about Resume Builder, it should be pointed out that this software comes with an internal database of recruitment companies and employers contacts. So a user can create, modify or remove contact records easily. After all, Resume for All provides a job-seeker with a reliable mailing service, which sends the resume immediately and receives delivery report. But there are no such handy tools and features for searching jobs.

As it can be seen, Resume for All, Resume Builder and Easy Resume Creator Pro provide a job-seeker with a range of essential tools to create a professional resume tailored to specific position. They make job-hunting much easier and allow a user to manage the whole job-seeking process. All these programs are equipped with various wizards, guiding even an inexperienced user through the process of a resume or cover letter writing and later e-mailing, uploading it to the internet, etc. And, the most important, using Online Resume Builder, applicants can access their resumes from any internet connection, any place in the world and customize it in seconds, always able to compete for desired job positions. So, a job seeker has a choice between more advanced writing functionality (resume templates, multilingual resume samples etc.) and instant access to resume form any place in the world and any internet connection. Also an on-line resume writing application enables enhanced web search in various job vacancies databases, e-mailing and web publishing facilities.

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