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Overcome holiday stress and make your holiday enjoyable

By s.sankarapandian

In this fast world, stress and strain have become part and parcel of our day-to-day life. Many are of the opinion that stress is associated with work pressure or business tensions only. They tend to ignore the fact that stress is very much associated with joyful occasions like holidays and festive seasons. Every person would have experienced his own events that caused different types of stress. No one is immune to this intense feeling. When the holiday fever heats up so does the level of stress.

Just relax and ask these following questions to know, whether you are affected by holiday stress

Are you overly cranky?

Do you find it difficult to have a good night's rest?

Are you putting up weight?

Are you always find yourself on the edge?

Are you feel the world is crashing down on top of you?

Do you find dissatisfaction in everything you do?

Do you have a feeling that you have completed only half way in everything you did?

These holiday stress symptoms are common and you can over come them if you plan properly. you can overcome them through get-togethers, shopping spree and unplanned surprises that are yet to come your way.

Avoid deviating from normal schedule

Sticking to your normal schedule is important not only to you but also to all your family members. We do have routines like caring children. We thrive on it and the children are longing for it. Diversion will cause unnecessary stress to you and your family members. But holidays do need some attention. With the excitement of holidays, the get together and the unexpected arrivals of friends and family members, it may be difficult to cope up with the routine, but you can manage it if you have support of your spouse. It is not impossible to make some adjustments to meet out these hectic schedules and as well as manage your routines. In making the adjustments don't get tension and take them in their way and do with joy.

Express your feelings in a positive way

Express your feelings in a positive way. If things are bothering you, share the feelings with your family members. Don't get your frustrations and stress to explode as anger. It will rather increase your stress than reducing it. Share your feelings with them in a manner that doesn't put stress on them. Whenever possible, have dinner with all your family members together. It will increase the bond and reduce your holiday stress.

Disperse responsibilities

You can reduce stress to a great extent if all your family members share the responsibilities of the holiday list. Allocate work to the family members according to their passion and don't force them to do the things they are unwilling to do. Forcing will spoil the mood and it will add to your stress.

Realize your limits and plan accordingly

Post holiday hangover will further increase your stress if you are not planned properly. Know your limitations and plan your holiday lists. Budget your source and decide how much you can afford to spend. Don't think that only the lavish gifts will make your presence felt. Remember that you are more than the physical gift. The thing that people will remember you most is that you were there spending your precious time to enjoy the happiness of togetherness. Don't make promises you cannot keep and don't feel guilty for not presenting an expensive gift.

Don't expect hundred percent perfect ness

It is against the nature if you are looking for hundred percent perfect in everything you are doing. It is a stress creating attitude. Understand that no body is there with cent percent perfect ness and nothing is there. Don't get worrying yourself about what you cannot do. Think realistically do whatever is possible for you, without putting so much pressure on yourself. You have no control over anyone other than yourself. Get satisfaction in everything you do to make it a wonderful holiday. Focus on the things which make the holiday season special for you. Do some realistic planning. Take some break in between your holiday commitments, to get yourself relaxed. Be budget conscious and don't afraid to say no. It will be difficult to say this to your loved ones, but at some times you must. If you budget your spending, you can present your gift from your heart without the fear of post holiday hangover.

Rewarding yourself will make you happy

Schedule your time to do the demanding works of holiday season. Give away freely the well deserved "thank You" to all those who are around you. Use time savers such paper plates, disposable silverware etc. Take some time for you to relax, reward yourself and enjoy doing things you are passionate for.

Gift certificates

Gift certificate is an ideal gift. It has many advantages. It helps you to reduce your holiday stress as you need not do shopping, eliminates your shopping dilemmas and saves your time. You can allocate this precious time to attend some other holiday related activities, where your presence is needed. Moreover the gift certificate gives the receiver the choice of freedom to choose the gift according to his/her liking and this will make them immensely happy.

Author Information: Leave yourself the extra time for the unexpected. Avoid going for shopping so many times as it will consume a major portion of your time. As suggested, gift certificate is the ideal gift and don't get into the illusion that only lavish gifts will satisfy your host. Customized and feature packed gift certificates are available online. Make use of online shopping, save time, avoid or reduce stress and enjoy your holidays.
About the Author
The biggest hapiness is in seeing the happiness on others face while presenting them a surprise gift. We cherished to enjoy it. We hope you too have.

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