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Online Tutorial sources

By s.sankarapandian

Online tutorials make it possible to get knowledge on any subject.

The internet world is changing everyday and growing in a number of fields. Its application is multiplying. The one such avatar is home learning through online tutorials. You can get a lot of information through sophisticated sources.

Tutorials on the net has made learning easy from the comfort of your home. The internet has many online teaching/tutorial materials. A distinct feature of the Net lies in providing innumerable resources for learning almost any all subjects for free. Tens of hundreds of online tutorial packages and audio/video teaching materials on a variety of subjects are available.

Search for any subject, you can get it. A multitude of tutorials are in place. The W3schools - with several online tutorials is meant for web developers. has technology tutorials on different computing subjects such as MS-Office, internet and web page development. Students of computing will welcome the tutorial materials hosted on Learning modules on subjects such as algorithms, date structures and operating systems are presented on this site. For those using power point may find the site, awesomebackgrounds,com/powerpointtutorials.htm ,useful.

Many have come up with tutorials on different subjects. Besides tutorials, lots of new pedagogical resources are being rolled out almost everyday. The multiple explosion of such learning or teaching sources has led to a hunt for special tools to track them. The growth of online tutorials has put a demand for specific search engines to scan the tutorial sources.

A tutorial search engine, Pixel2life is gaining popularity among netizens. This service has a data base of more than 15,000 tutorials on different computing retated subjects such as Java script, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and so on. This site is quite dynamic and you can easily track the latest additions and it features a web feed also.

The search for tutorials have become tedious due to the presence of thousands and thousands of online tutorials. So subject specific search engines have been established. There are two subject specific search engines, one for computer related troubles and another for computing related subjects. for computer related services and for computing related subjects. Another service worth looking is Here anyone can host tutorial that can be read/edited later by others. is another source for tutorial lessons. For a search topic you can get several links to tutorials on that subject. Other directories worth exploring are,,, and

Another subject specific search engine, has indexed web based discussion forums. The service offers commands to search for any discussion thread on different subjects and replies. is another special search engine. It gives direct answers to the user's questions. The latest search engine in this category is These sources will help you to overcome the time consuming search efforts and to tame the ever expanding ocean of online information.

The online tutorials have turned the clock backwards, but with more advancement and equal opportunity. Like olden day rich people, you and your wards can learn from the comfort of home. It doesn't mean that direct schooling is not essential. It is a must but in addition to that you can get information/knowledge an any subject by just sitting at home. These online tutorials will help you stay ahead and succeed in your venture

Author information: I am very much interested and committed in cultivating positive attitude among the people around me. I don't want to take the role of advising people; but I sincerely wish everybody to succeed in their venture. But I realised that, lack of positive attitude is the major hurdle to the path of success. So knowledge is not power, only applied knowledge is power. You have to be positive to apply your knowledge. Online tutorials offer knowledge, information and technical details about everything you want. Explore them and apply them for your success.
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