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Home Based Business Internet Style

By Chad William Hershey

The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing. If you have a negative or lazy attitude about you, then you will have no choice but to be negative or lazy. If you mope around and complain then you will achieve nothing. If, on the other hand, you are upbeat and cheerful, then you will generally have a good day and achieve quite a lot. If you dress successfully, people will treat you better than if you dress like a bum. Sad fact I know, but it's the truth in today's society.

I found years ago that in a home business you need to put just as much effort into your appearance and your attitude, if not more, as you did when working in secular employment. I've had to learn to improve my telephone manner, my enthusiasm on the phone and, by looking at myself in a mirror while speaking, I realized why I couldn't sell anything. I needed a check up from the head up!

With a home based business, if you dress business casual, comb your hair, brush your teeth and smile you will then start to feel like a professional. It's this feeling that will come across on the phone and the more confidence you have the faster your business will grow.

Working from home should be exciting, after all how many people can say that their daily commute consists of going from their bedroom to across the hall to their home office? Working from home on the Internet should be something you do with pride. I have always been consistent in my actions and conscientiously believe and expect the rewards for my efforts to be granted to me.

You should try and answer emails within 24 hours, minimum. The maximum time frame you would want to wait to respond is 48 hours. To accomplish this you will want to set aside time each day just to respond to emails. Some say three times a day, morning, mid afternoon, and evening is best as it ensures everyone gets a timely response.

There is immense satisfaction in seeing people answer your ads, having people respond to your flyers, having prospects ask about your products & opportunity and respond in a positive way. Having people buy your products and assisting them in starting a home business should give you a great sense that you are helping someone improve their lot in life.

Make sure you are courteous and professional. There are some times you just don't feel like answering a question that has the answer plainly on your website or in a sales letter, or some question you feel is irrelevant or foolish. The urge to send a fiery response may be there. If you do not feel you can politely and professionally answer, take a break. Come back after you took some time to cool down. Remember, the customer who asked the question may be basing their decision to get involved with you on your answer, so you want to be as thorough and polite as possible when answering. Do not push away a customer or potential customer with a hasty emotional response.

In a home based business your chief aims are to sell your products and teach others to duplicate your success. Out of this can come strong bonds of friendship, as your team develops and your network grows. There is immense satisfaction in running a successful Home Based Business.
About the Author
Chad William Hershey of is founder of his own home based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of the famous Mentors in Motion Internet training program and believes fully in The Master Key System.

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