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Discover What is 10 Times More Powerful Than a Good Headline

By Mouloud Siaci

I am really happy now because my efforts on writing the headline above have finally paid off!

Most e-books and reports on headline generation are incomplete and rehashed information. Many of them are nothing more than a pile of out-dated theories that get no results. In a nutshell, they tell you to apply one formula and get a miraculous money-making headline! They all miss what a headline really is. Here is why...

Basically, a headline is a sentence that attracts reader's attention. Right?

But everyone uses headlines and no one really stands out of the crowd though. That's why you need a 'good' headline. So you apply one of those 'miraculous formulas' and you come up with a good headline. In that case, you can force prospects to ignore your competitors' headlines and read yours! Great.

But as you can see. People are smart. Most of marketers use those formulas just as you do now. Just when you thought you would made a start, you are back where you begin.

You definitely need something that beats any good headline out there. You need a 'proven' headline!

I won't waste your time here. So, I will get to the point and tell you about my "make or break" secret to choose effective titles. I have discovered this technique through my 4 years of writing on the web. Here it is:

Headlines which shift your focus, will also do the same with your customers -Period.

And here is exactly how I apply it to my copywriting...

First, I brainstorm series of simple lines using the obvious mechanical components like:

1. Use one of these formulas (but not necessary!):

The "How to..." formula:

How to become _____
How to earn _____
How to get _____
How to improve your _____
How to win _____

I will give you a classic that has proven to be successful: "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

2. Use benefits not features:
You have certainly heard about this before. And yes, it also applies to headlines. For example:
Headline #1: "How to Send Your Article to Hundreds of Editors"
Headline #2: "How to Get Your Article Published by Dozens of Editors"

Personally, I prefer the second headline because it is much more interesting. Don't you think?

3. Use power words into your headline:
A power word can really entice people to action. I maintain a list of power words I use from time to time. Here are a few:


The important thing is place one or two of these power words so that the headline becomes stronger. Don't get me wrong, I didn't say you stuff the title with these words! Use them only if they do really apply to your ad copy.

Well, try to compile a list of three up to five 'raw' headlines from what you have learned so far. But wait, do not publish them; not yet. Before that, you need to select the most appealing title. The one that will drive most visitors attention. How can you do that?

Simple. Just read all your headlines out loud and 'zero-in' the one that makes you take action... The one that leaves you wanting more.

I call this, the proven headline.

In fact, this is the title that can almost guarantee that readers will notice it. How do I know that?

Very simple. More than 80% of your qualified audience will always be attracted by the same things you are interested in. They breath and think in business just like you do! If one sentence can have such an effect on you, it will do the same on your target audience. It is as simple as that. And it works!

Don't worry if you cannot seem to come up with the proven headline on your own. I still have a fantastic solution for you at the end of this article!

With that said, I have to tell you about a phenomenon that is spreading around the internet. I am talking about software automation. And especially, headline generation software. I have been building software for the Internet business since 2002, so I know how these bots work.

People love these programs because they are easy to use. I can understand that. But do they know that the headlines generated that way are not gauranteed. To simplify to the extreme, these programs adapt well-known headline formulas to your business -no more than that. The drawback is the lack of updates. In fact, theorical templates that once worked well, don't pull anything today.

So if you plan to invest buckets of cash on one of these programs, ask for regular updates (that should be free of charge). Otherwise, you are throwing your hard-earned money in unprofitable advertising and rehashed information.

Another popular alternative is testing your headlines. Yes, the same old 'trial-and-error' cycle. You know... placing a headline, checking out your web log stats weekly to figure out the click-through rate. Then comparing it with the previous headline results and repeating the whole process over and over again...

Please, don't get me wrong, the headline testing is fine. There is nothing wrong with this concept. But it is too difficult to set up and maintain. Actually, I know of no marketer who enjoys doing that. I mean, who has the time (and nerves!) to place, check, track, compare, refine, replace again week after week.

Unless you have plenty of hours a day to spend in front of your computer. Or you are well paid for doing that!

As an online marketer (merchant or affiliate), you cannot afford to explode your marketing budget on testing like $Million companies do. In fact, if there is one secret on success online, it could be this: "Get the best from your money and time".

It is all a return-on-investment game. If you have $45 to spend in marketing your online business then make a '$45' marketing plan. Otherwise, you are heading to bankruptcy sooner or later! And remember, you are running a business instead of just a hobby.

Don't make the mistakes we have made; it has taken me 4 years to discover this real good method. My advice is let people test and adapt what really works to your own needs; that's just good business!
About the Author
Get Dozens of New Power Headlines Every Day Utilizing ONE Simple, Proven Resource: Our 5000+ Time-Tested Power Headlines Database. To Get Instant Access, FREE Consultation and Detailed Information,

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