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One Month Magnate Review

By Leon Lioe

If you have been in the Internet Marketing world for a while now, you will agree that most money making ebooks on the market only tell you "WHAT" to do but not "HOW" to do it.

The WHAT information makes reading enjoyable but it won't make you money. Not many people (especially the newbies) have the resources to figure out the HOW to do part.

That's why internet marketing has a poor statistic – more than 95% FAIL! Less than 5% will actually succeed. These are the people who know exactly WHAT and HOW to make money online. They are the ones who are in the "inner circle".

I was very lucky to come across with Tony Shepherd and his ebook "One Month Magnate". I was surprised that the price for this ebook is less than $30. I have bought many internet marketing ebooks that cost at least $50 - $97, and most of them only tell you what to do.

The One Month Magnate ebook is very unique in the sense that it tells you exactly what and how to make money online in 30 days. I guess that's why the ebook is named One Month Magnate. It outlines in details from day 1-30 how to make money online.

Here are the summary of the 30 days activities:

Day 1-3: Finding & Researching Market Needs.

Day 4-13: How to become expert in the subject/product you want to market. Yes! some efforts and time are needed here to become an expert in the subject you have chosen. If you follow exactly what Tony did, after 10 days, you will probably know the subject more than 90% of the people. That's why it makes you an expert.

Day 14-17: Time to consolidate everything you know and create a freebie. This freebie is very important. It will be used to entice your potential customers want to buy your product.

Day 18-20: Based on the consolidated information that you have gathered and researched, now is the time to construct the final product – the one that will create your income.

Day 21-30: These are the periods where you start to promote and monetize your offer or product. Tony will show you where and how he promoted his product. He also discussed Joint Ventures, Press Release, Ezine and other methods he used.

At the end of 30 days, Tony made 109 sales and earned $6,788. I followed the methods taught by Tony and I only made $1,331 at the end of 30 days. Yes, not even one-third of what Tony made.

But I am quite satisfied with my result as this is the 1st time I used Tony's methods. I am confident that I will do better in the 2nd round. And the most important part is that I have gone through a process of learning and experiencing how to make money online from scratch

And I want to be honest here, it needs hard work to earn money online. I think you agree, success is a process. If you are willing to go through the process, I guarantee you this ebook will be your best investment. Otherwise don't bother, unless you are eager to know how money is actually made online.

Find out more info on One Month Magnate here.
About the Author
Leon is an Infopreneur dedicated to sharing his online discoveries across the net. You can visit his site at...

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