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Learn Marketing in the Truck Stop John

By BIG Mike McDaniel

Interstate travel by car continues to evolve as the major
truck stops have morphed into multi use convenience stops.

Pull you car in to one of these Interstate Stores and you
find a multitude of gas pumps for cars, completely separate
from the 4 acres of parking for the big rigs.

Inside, you might find a franchised fast food outlet
(McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, Popeye etc) Some have more
than one. Plus cooler after cooler of soft drinks and exotic
elixirs. Plus, the isles and isles of packaged food.

If you wander into the chrome and mud flap section you will
see every kind of CB radio and antenna on the market as well
as truck TVs, DVD layers and hundreds of movies. Some have
truck taillights and wiring harness as well as load
restraining sticks and tarps.

But for the ultimate educational experience for the small
business owner, make a fact-finding trip to the toilet!

Most big league truck stops use every opportunity to sell
you something. Even in the john. There are ads in the
stalls, ads over the urinals, ads near the sink. All
suggesting additional purchase before you leave the giant

Let's boil that down to small business advertising
applications. Most advertising is passive. You drive by
a billboard, turn the pages in the paper, listen to the
radio as you do something else. But in the john, how can you
not read what is plastered there? You are pretty much stuck
there, for a while anyway, inches away from the ad. Forced
attention, A foolproof advertising method. The "read-
through" rate has to be near 100% every time.

This is not to suggest small businesses put large signs in
the wc and encourage customers to visit and ponder. But if
your store toilet does get some traffic, consider your own
silent billboards in there.

Take a cue from the truck stops, make and use signs
promoting specials and spur of the moment purchases and pout
'em everywhere.

Just like Internet pages have links to other areas of
interest, your signs can suggest other areas of the store
with different products and specials.

Ads in the john are just the tip of the iceberg for the
astute small business owner. Use every available resource to
educate your potential customer as to what you do and what
you can do for them. Sell the benefits everywhere, even in
the john.
About the Author
copyright 2006 Big Mike McDaniel - all rights reserved. BIG Mike is the Small Business Advertising Expert and recommends

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