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Points To Know About An Eniva/MLM Residual Income

By Tim Stephens

Like any business, a person has to work to make money in an Eniva/MLM residual
income business opportunity. Many people believe that a residual income
means they will not have to work at all. This is why many MLM businesses
fail. There are some points about an Eniva residual income that every person
needs to know before getting started so that they do not fail prey to

MLM's are popular because the way they work is designed so a person can earn
money from a one time sale over and over. If a person sells to one person
and that person buys products on a monthly basis they are still earning that
residual income. MLM's do not even require a person to recruit anyone if
they do not want and still be able to earn money. That is why they work.
That is why people are interested in them and that is why there are so many
MLM opportunities available.

The concept of an MLM is that each team member is helping the company sell
their products. The addition of allowing each member to build a team is an
additional way for the team members to build their business. It is not a
necessity, but an option. If a person only sells items they will still make
money, however, building a team will greatly increase that money. It is the
team that enables a person to make the most residual income. Selling
products is something that can only be residual if the customer buys again
and again, but with a team the person makes money off their sales, too. So,
as long as everyone is selling, everyone is making residual income.

MLM's are not a risk free opportunity, though. They are still a business
and with any business there are risks. If a person signs up people who
decide to quit then they are back at square one and must recruit again.
Risk is always a factor in business. Also since it is a business, that also
means it needs to be run like a business. The MLM should have a senior
group of management and staff that actually runs the business. Without the
senior staff, the business could easily fold, leaving everyone out in the
cold. If a person keeps these two points in mind when choosing an MLM they
should be able to find a great company to work with.

Eniva is not a get rich quick business. Making good money takes time, but
the structure of Eniva has been proven to be a great way to earn a nice
residual income. Many people make their living solely form MLM's, so it is
possible to make a lot of money. It just takes a little knowledge and a
little time to make it a success.


Tim Stephens is a successful Eniva Distributor with 15 Years of Network Marketing
expereince. You can contact Tim through his website:
About the Author
Tim Stephens is a successful Eniva Distributor with 15 years experience in Network Marketing. You can contact Tim at:

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