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What Is Real Beauty

By s.sankarapandian

What Is Real Beauty The concept differs from person to person. To most people beauty means the physical or the external beauty. But only few people recognize the other side of beauty. What is the other side of beauty? If a person gives attention only to the external beauty, then he/she can't impress others to the fullest extent.

Then what is real Beauty? Ask the question whether you are beautiful inside of you. Your inside beauty-that is healthy and happy mind set- depends on your mind, your thought process or simply saying your core value. As we cannot see the inside beauty it is measured through your smile , happiness, satisfaction, involvement, excitement and positive attitude.

To have a vibrant inner beauty you need to have the above said qualities. How? Feeling happy and positive attitude help you to have a healthy mind , thereby inducing your inner beauty. If one feels that he is healthy and happy it reflects automatically in his/her personality. If the mind develops a fear psychosis all treatment and medicines won't help. Belief and happiness is the best treatment.

How to become a beauty inside of you? Always feel happy, energetic, have high self-esteem and develop leadership qualities. Be light hearted. The light hearted people-taking everything lightly without getting tension and derives satisfaction and happiness in every thing they do-attract more people towards them. You may have noticed that people with no external beauty command people around them with so ease. They may lack physical beauty, but their inner beauty-reflects through their smile mannerisms, body language, speech and approach-attract others.

All external applications of cosmetic and skin-care products will enhance the outer beauty only when the inner beauty blossoms within oneself. Feel healthy and happy in the inner core value and enhance your physical health and beauty. Know the secret that a healthy mind is the best immune system.

In a nutshell
Always be excited
Always smile
Be positive
Get satisfaction even in small petty things you do
Always feel you have done something purposeful
Have high self-esteem (not ego)
Have pleasing colors , frames and posters with flowers and natural scenery around you.
Always feel young and energetic.

Concentrate on your inner beauty by developing self-esteem ( not ego), not getting worried over petty things, shedding anger and envy and developing positive attitude.
About the Author
As we are in conventionl business we are experiencing the stress and strain filled life and its ill effects on our health.We have launched this site to place emphasis on health and fitness

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