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People Don't Join a Business... They Join You.

By Sergio Ervini

Hi, today we gone focus on somenthing really important and exactly what prospects
consider most important in deciding on a company.

"Big Al" Schreider, has traveled the world promoting his M-L-M business and discovered
what I'm about to sahre with you.
There are 10 components (items) on decinding to join a business.

Here's the list:

+ Company literature shown
+ Marketing plan & potential earnings
+ Training provided
+ Who gave the presentation
+ Product line
+ Company management experience
+ Up-line support
+ Company image
+ Sales kit provided
+ Being first in your area

Now here there aren't on the right order what I would like to do is to rate these
items yourself, from 1 to 10, most important to least important.

strongly encourage you to REALLY do this exercise. It will take maybe 5 minutes
and you will be very surprised of the results.

I hope you took your time and you just din't jump on the solutions here:

these are the correct answers:

1. Who gave the presentation?

Is that a surprise? Its about YOU. People join people,
they dont join companies.

2. Up-line support.

Back to YOU again, the 2nd most important factor, again
by a landslide.

3. Training Provided.

Look at this! They aren't even wondering about money yet,
we havent talked about a company, were still talking
about YOU.

4. Marketing Plan and Potential Earnings.

So were almost halfway through the list. And NOW the
prospect is finally wondering, "Can I make some money?"

5. Product Line.

We finally get to products.

6. Being first in the area.

Have you noticed we havent even talked about the company
yet, but were being first in the area?

7. Company Literature shown.

There are a LOT of networkers who focus on the
literature. But this isn't a reading business. It's a
relationship business.

8. Company Image.
Maybe you show a video featuring a 20,000 square foot
office & warehouse, on three acres in an exclusive
suburb, all the bells & whistles.
Big whoop. That's #8 on their list, barely on the radar.
Why bother?

9. Is The Sales Kit provided?

Now the prospect wants to know that you do have a good
video, you do have good literature, youve got tools and
services they can use to build their business.

10. Company Management experience.

LEAST important to the prospect is that the president is
a family man, and hes got four or five families to
prove it.

So this whole process is way simpler than most people

1. Make sure they like you.

2. Make sure they believe they can do it.

f you don't do those two, nothing else matter's.

Think about all this for a second.

Now what we have people doing on this business when they first start
or even when they are in the business for long time exaclty the opposite;
they are talking to a prospect. They start off with the
company management experience, which is the least important thing to them.

You see what's happening and then you wonder why most of the people stuggles to
be successful on network marketing.

Here is somenthing to focus on about Network Marketing or MLM

It's NOT a sales business.
It's a teaching/mentoring business.
You're not selling anything.
I mean, really, You're NOT selling anything.
You just inform people.

Sergio Ervini
About the Author
Sergio Ervini
Make money before anyone even see your
opportunity visit:

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