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Contract Management

By Ismael D. Tabije

Contract Management encompasses all the activities that an enterprise or an individual engages in, while entering into a business transaction with one or more trading partners and fulfilling all the obligations of the terms and conditions agreed upon on the contract.

Almost all the transactions that occur in the business world are governed by a contract is some shape or form. Some of the common examples of contracts we deal with in our day-to-day life are employment letters, sales invoices, purchase orders, utility contracts.

Contract management is the process of managing of all aspects and phases of any and all contractual agreements including the creation of certified, professional contracts that meet legal directives, supply categorization and systematization in contracts, etc.

Contract Management is the total arrangement of transactions of an individual or a venture. Contract management covers the most basic operation to the most major decision occurring between two or more identities in the business. Even the simplest individuals who are just leading an average living engages in a contract management in the form of the receipts of every purchase they make, the tickets they use in transportations, the warranty of the appliances or gadgets they have bought.

A contract management system facilitates coordination, reporting, and monitoring of multiple business processes and partners throughout the supply chain. The strength of contract management tools lies in automation: streamlining the management of each contract through its entire lifecycle, including the stages of planning, negotiation, storage, maintenance, and analysis.

Contract Management is the creation and maintenance of trading partner relationships in a structured format. Today's complex trading relationships involve multiple business processes and business partners throughout the supply chain. Inherent in these relationships are complex language and terms governing many factors such as price, shipment, payment, quality, volume breaks, rebate policies, discounts, and so forth. Managing all of this, especially if you have thousands of relationships and contracts that change on a frequent basis, requires a serious commitment of time, and resources.
About the Author
Ismael D. Tabije is the Publisher-Editor of, a unique niche-topic article directory that features exclusively business and management topics. For a large dose of contract-management tips, ideas and strategies, see .

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