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Index Credit Spread Trading Advisory Service 60 Day Free Trial

By Brad Griffin

I am an active trader of option credit spreads on the SPX, NDX and RUT broad based stock indexes. I am very conservative and only enter into trades that have a very high probability of being profitable. I share all my trades with subscribers to my advisory service.

My purpose is to make it EASY and SAFE for subscribers build wealth using the power of options. I want to help subscribers avoid the painful mistakes most beginning traders (and many experienced traders) make. Subscribers who just follow my Trade Alerts can earn a very consistent monthly return. Once a new subscriber uses my service for a 60 day free trial period, they will find it to be the most easy and profitable way to build wealth they've ever discovered. That's why I want all new subscribers to try it ABSOLUTELY FREE for 60 days. New subscribers immediately receive all my active trades. They can start investing right away, or just follow my trades "on paper" for 60 days. If they aren't convinced this Trading Strategy is the safest, easiest way to build wealth, they can simply ask me to cancel their subscription, and they won't be charged a dime.

One final note: While I show subscribers how to make consistent monthly profits with options, I also teach something more important. And that is how to effectively manage money and risk so when a trade is at risk, losses are kept to an absolute minimum.

An option credit spread is a limited risk option trade involving the simultaneous purchase and sale of two differing option contracts on the same Index, i.e. the SPX. This produces an immediate cash credit in your trading account. A profit is realized in a credit spread position if the index moves in the direction anticipated, remains the same and even if under appropriate circumstances the index moves adversely to your position.

Benefits of My Service and Credit Spread Trading

My credit trades have a 90% probability of expiring worthless when filled.
3-4 Credit Spread Trade Alerts each month. These credit spread trades can profit in any type of market.
The majority of time we just make our trade, collect our credit and wait for the next month. This is not a day trading system. There is no need to monitor the market and your active trades all day long in front of the computer screen. In fact it's really a very boring trading system.
Paper trading is the best way to learn this option strategy. It's all free with OX and my 60 day trial.
The SPX, NDX and RUT Indexes are not subject to the same wild swings as individual stocks.
With my Iron Condor trades you get double the credit but only have one margin side at risk.
You want your credit spread trades to expire worthless but you can always buy them back for way less than you sold them for.
Your trading capital is only used to support margin requirements. Most option brokers allow you to invest your trading capital and use it as collateral for spread trading. This way you can earn 2 returns with the same capital.

Please visit my website. You can see my actual performance results of all trades for the last 12 months and the current YTD return which is amazing. My website is over 25 pages and full of content that covers all aspects of this trading strategy.
About the Author
Brad Griffin is an Accountant and CPA and has been investing in the U.S Stock Market for 10 years and the options market for the past 5 years. I am now sharing my knowledge and success trading options at my website

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