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Is Internet Marketing Dead? No Way!

By S. Kumar

Is Internet Marketing Dead? No Way!
(c) Copyright S. Kumar 2006

Do you believe that Internet marketing is dead? I don't. Not even for a second.

According to Netcraft, more than 100 million websites exist now -- much, much more than the 100 odd ones in 1995.

But the rules of the game has undergone drastic changes since then. What used to be the golden rules has taken 180 degree turns and works no more.

Here are 10 tips for you to concentrate on and remember in the new scenario. Essentially they are basics, but when used as a whole unit in an integrated fashion, you will not only survive but surely you will arrive!

Tip #1. Go for high margin -- Not high volumes: Forget about selling low margin products to a high volume of customers! Instead, concentrate on creating products & services bundles that have actually high value and high margins.

Tip #2. Sell the value -- Not the cost: No one is bothered how much it has cost you to develop your product. What the customer want is at least triple value for the money they spend on your site.

Tip #3. Make your expertise a priority -- Not sales: People come on the Internet for information. Give them that first. Launch into your sales pitch at the second stage. Satisfy their initial curiosity to their satisfaction.

Tip #4. Market to friends -- Not strangers: Make your customers & subscribers into friends first. Use social sites as a way of spreading your presence and for friendship. So before selling something, your prospect should become your friend.

Tip #5. Lead generation first -- Then sales: Most think that once you set up your product on your site, sales will roll in. In reality, it's just a pipe dream. Instead, use the website as a lead generation source and then follow-up either directly or through online tool such as an autoresponder.

Tip #6. Build solid relationships -- Not Just sales transactions: This is a much over looked factor on the Internet. Always respect your past customers and subscribers. They are NOT some email IDs that are expendable once your use is over. Know that your customer holds purse string. Go for long-term rewarding relationship and you will find your customers returning back to you time and again.

Tip #7. They are people -- Not some PC's: Know that a computer is not buying anything on its own from you! Its people with flesh and blood who buys from you. Drill it deep down your throat that your website and email marketing must talk to the person behind that PC.

Tip #8. Feed filtered information -- Not The full stuff: There is an information overload. Your customers and subscribers are looking for filtered and processed information from you! Give it to them.

Tip #9. Narrow to a market niche -- Not all spread out: The competition on the web is cut throat! To a large extent, your success as an internet marketer depends upon how successfully you have focused on a clearly defined, tight and super specialized market niche.

Tip #10. Use off line methods too -- Not only online: Consider the Internet as another form of marketing medium among many. Judicious combination of both off line and online can work wonders to your business.

Hope you found these tips useful.
About the Author
S. Kumar is the webmaster and owner of . Visit his "80+ Super Scripts Bonanza" for a personal verification:

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