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Internet Millions Honest Review

By Leon Lioe

Recently I read a book called "Internet Millions" and I want to do a review about it. This is my honest and personal review. If you are currently looking or evaluating a guide or blueprint to help you build your online business, I sincerely hope my review can help you in your evaluation.

Let's get started...

The Internet Millions is written by Ryan Orrell. It describes Ryan's online success as a super affiliate marketer (making upwards of $40-70,000 dollars per month).

If you have a big dream of making money online, you know that online success takes more than just determination and hard-work. Learning and building a successful online business takes years.

Ryan Orrell created an e-book (more than 150 pages) full of detailed information explaining exactly how he created a huge online empire. It contains all of his experiences over the past 8 years in building successful online businesses. His aim is to provide a "short-cut" for the rest of us.

The most important topic in this e-book (in my humble opinion) is the Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).

SEO is basically a technique used to make your website popular to the search engines. It means that the search engines like your website. The search engines put your web page on the first page of their search results.

Imagine when people search for the term "make money online", your web page appears at position 1-10 (first page) out of 146,000,000 results.

If you search the term "make money online" in Google, you might see there are more than 146 millions pages now for this search term. Appearing on position 1-10 out of 146 millions results is not a small feat.

So what is in it for you if your web page continually ranks at position 1-10 out of 146 millions? Well… you will get ton and ton of free traffics from the world wide web! And if your website converts well, you are rich!

This is what happens to Ryan, he raked in at least $46,000 a month when his website creeps up to "number one" spot on Yahoo and Google. Ryan will teach you the SEO techniques he uses starting on page 26 in his book.

Side note: the SEO chapter itself is worth much much more than the price of the ebook. I have learned so much about SEO in this ebook. If you want the long-term survival of your online business, I highly recommend you to learn and master the SEO techniques taught in this ebook.

Other invaluable lessons taught in the ebook are...

Design and build a website that sells: This is a very important topic because it focuses on how to increase your website's conversion rate. Every website has two type masters to serve. The 1st types are the search engines and the 2nd types are the visitors (or users). With a good SEO, the search engines will bring lot of people to your site but if your website can't sell, you are losing all these people. They will leave your site without hitting the order button. Ryan will teach you how to design and build website that sells.

Online advertising with Google: In this section Ryan shows the "magic words" he uses for online advertising and how to take advantage on Google's pay-per-click search engine. He reveals the methods he uses to earn $1,200 per day from online advertising.

Positioning strategy that increases the value of your website: This is the section where Ryan reveals the strategies he used to bump up the value of his website and sold it for over 1 million dollars.

Email Marketing: In this section Ryan reveals the experiments and testing he conducted in email marketing that increased his profits by a whopping 200%.

Planning and Systematizing: In this section Ryan shows how to set up your online business on auto-pilot. Everything from research to monitoring the competition, updating website, advertising, order processing, sending emails, even banking.

How to pick affiliate products that have high return on investment: This chapter is invaluable if you are promoting someone else's products as affiliate. By following Ryan's instructions, you're going to get a good return on your money invested in the affiliate products you buy.

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About the Author
Leon is an Infopreneur dedicated to sharing his online discoveries across the net. You can visit his site at... Rich Jerk Special Gift

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