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How to Build Good Client Relationships and Really Mean It (Part1)

By Jonnalyn Ajeda

Attracting and keeping long-term clients is a prevailing approach for your growing business. Long-term clients who are pleased with consistent on-going good service, are likely to refer others to your business, and are more likely to buy further services from you. The confident professional, small business owner gains by focusing on certain sound tactics for long-term client maintenance. Just like a free online classifieds, your business should always keep, treasure and maintain healthy relationships with its contacts.

Focus marketing on your existing clients. Your present customers have already done business with you for some time and are more likely to buy from you again. If you direct most of your time, efforts, and resources on serving your enthusiastic clients, you'll find that they will be your most effective free classified advertising tool.

Behave towards your clients with honesty, humour, and respect and maintain this over time. Be consistent in your approach and interactions. Present a consistent, solid, and professional style to your clients - one that they can grow to depend on.

You would be surprised at how many capable small business owners promise to send information or phone back when asked for information, but then never do. Always follow through on your commitments to them. So if you promise to send information or to follow up on a sale or advance, be sure to do this as promptly as possible. By being sincere in all your transactions with your clients, whether for business or non-business conversation, you will gain their trust and loyalty.

Bond with them, Find out about their lives, families, hopes, goals, and sought after dreams. Ask questions that do not encroach, but which encourage a deeper sense of shared understanding. The greater the level of connection with your clients is the greater the mutual satisfaction.

Make yourself a resource for your clients for as long as you operate your business. Tell your clients at the very beginning that you want to be there for them and to assist them as much as possible. That means they can always come back for services no matter how much time has passed, just as if they can and are always welcome to browse classified ads anytime.
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