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Dolls are Games, Too!

By The Doll Palace

The online gaming industry is full of battles, blood, brain teasers, and adventure, but a certain demographic of online games exists which is often not thought of in the same light. While forming guilds and defining battle strategy is certainly entertaining, others enjoy a more fashionable internet existence Dress up games, such as online paper dolls, are a lesser-known, but hugely popular online form of gaming as well.

Dress Up Games
Paper dolls have been popular for centuries. With the advent of the internet, a game which once required scissors and the patience to carefully cut out little outfits and figures, moved online. The first online paper dolls were used almost exclusively for avatars, but over time, these dolls have formed a significant industry with seemingly endless purposes.

Modern online paper dolls, or simply dolls, include a base, or innocently unclothed figure, with unlimited clothing, hair, and accessories to add. Many online doll websites contain prefabricated dolls to enjoy as well as complete doll makers. These doll makers contain a build area where all aspects such as base, clothing, accessories, and even background can be collected and pieced together. When the doll is complete, it may be saved for additional use, or the build area can be emptied and a new doll created.

Young women enjoy the opportunity to be fashion forward and build dolls using certain styles of dress and the latest clothing fashions and hair styles. Many websites offering these kids' games, such as, unveil new doll makers on a regular basis so that the fan base always has a fresh source of entertainment. Many of the doll makers include current fashion trends and range from casual to seasonal to even formal styles.

How to Play Doll Games
Playing with dolls has many facets. While it is certainly entertaining to view dolls of celebrities or completed dolls showcasing certain styles, it is also fun to play with one's own dolls and create characters. These characters can be saved onto a computer for use as avatars, desktops, screensavers, or even as logos. Of course, this is not the extent of the dress up games.

Creating online dolls has become so popular that many websites catering to these individuals offer contests, challenges, and other fun activities. also contains popular forums and articles with regular comments by members on various fashion related topics or other areas of interest. The dress up game community is growing by leaps and bounds, and is demanding more outlets for their creativity. These demands are routinely met by websites specializing in this form of entertainment.

Many who enjoy the doll games have begun to create their own bases and fashions in addition to working with those already created. Online dolls might not appear to be in the same category as many of the other popular online games, but deserve their rightful place. The time, energy, and creativity invested in the backgrounds, appearance, and uses of these dolls make other seemingly intensive games pale by comparison. Online dolls are more than a game, they represent a life-style.

About the Author
This article was provided by The Doll Palace - creator of doll makers and fashion dress up games for girls. For more information about cartoon dolls, avatars and The Doll Palace, visit

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