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A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Sugarless Candy Store

By Fred Goldman

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Sugarless Candy Store

As a young child often one's fondest memory is entering the candy store or the candy aisle of a grocery store. Bright colored packages abound. The choices seem to be endless.

In Vermont, there are towns with true old fashioned candy stores. Wood plank flooring, maybe a scattering of saw dust, even the occasional pickle barrel! A delightful world filled with choices and choices and choices.

Would it suprise you to find out that the number one choice of candy and candy flavors is not chocolate, but... vanilla! It's true as unbelievable as it sounds.

Think of all the possibilities staring a child literal face to face since many counters are conveniently put at not adult height, but child hand height. There's a reason for this, ye old marketing tactic!

Imagine now a candy store counter, child and adult height, filled not with sugar-laden, teeth-decaying, calorie-engourging sweets, but your choice of the finest in sugarless candy and chocolate selections. Is this the dream of a sci-fi movie? No it is not. Nowadays we do have choices - and as time evolves (and rapidly) those choices are ensuring our choice of sugarfree or sugarless no longer means having to accept unappealing flavors and the byproducts of the "sugarless" product. Sweetners are making huge headway. Consumers can find delight in allowing themselves to choose sugarless candy based on pure taste alone. For those that begrudgingly have chosen the sugarfree sweet while gazing longingly at fat-inducing fancies have the satisfaction of full flavor without the rapid waistline growth.

All sorts of artificial sweetners are available on the market today. Unfortunately behind-the-scenes knowledge of these sweetners are never fully revealed to the public. You are most likely aware of just how many articifical sweetners never hold up and are pulled from grocery shelves. Sugar alcohols, the next step beyond, actually build in the blood and, for many, produce unfortunate (and embarassing) side effects.

Watching our waistlines means researching into the best healthy snack choices for ourselves. Read labels, make wise decisions.


About the Author
Fred Goldman is the Founder of D-lectables. His company imports and manufactures high-quality, sugarless and low-carbo candy and chocolate and other great tasting sugarless products. You'll find healthy snack choices only at

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