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Interior Decoration

By Robin Storms

"A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"


Interior décor has many facets. Home interior decor is an art that enhances our lives. Below outlines a few considerations for home decor.

Our suggestion for home decor depends on the following:

Space management
Themes of interest
Atmosphere desired
Small apartment or mansion with surrounding gardens
Lighting, furniture, and colors already in place.
Space management is one of the main aspects that should be given importance.
Even a simple normal day-to-day place can be made to look gorgeous, with the proper selection of furniture, furnishings and artificial greenery, trees, plants and flowers.

Interior design depends on the size of the rooms and the place location the house is situated. One has to consider first the main amenities, next furniture their size and color; then rugs and carpets. Once deciding those, one may have to decide on wall color, shades, window curtains and silk greenery that will enhance each other.

Home interior décor may also be based on themes and motifs. Country, modern, old world Europe, Gothic themes are some of the themes, which people go for. It may also be very casual and utilitarian.

One may decide to do the interior decor oneself, or go ask for a designer?s help.

Interior design basically starts with the color and the tone. Bright colors and dark ones, soft and strong ones generate different feelings. Psychologists have found strong co-relation between our feelings and the color we choose.

Paintings and furnishings should also blend with the selected main theme and basic color of wall and floor color and design. They should not stand alone as orphans.

The arrangements of these—on floor the furniture and on walls the plaques and artistic paintings—should create a feeling of belonging. With this in mind, every room requires special attention and a different approach is necessary to decorate each unique room.

Above all a place for the Christmas tree or a special corner to accommodate the silk conifer should be decided. Silk Christmas trees do away with maintenance and health problems and can be stored and reused year after year.

Interior decorating becomes the place with the addition of silk flower arrangements. A few basket planters with silk plants near the fire place or at the sofa side will certainly enhance the beauty. The flower arrangements on walls or vases on small tables and dining tables will add color and splendor and create a warm feeling.

Isaac Asimov's robot servant turned human and romantic, when placed in such beautifully decorated surroundings.

Home décor should aim at creating a welcoming feeling and make guest feel at home. A topiary tree or two at the entrance and a preserved bonsai in an antique planter will certainly change simple surroundings into royal.

Home interior design should aim at increasing the pleasure of our living, soothing our feelings, making us forget all enmity, generating warm thoughts and remain a symbol of civilization. Interior design should aim at the maximum use of space and enhancing beauty. The artistic and utilitarian values should go hand in hand.

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