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Learn about metabolism at easy-home-cooking

By Dr. Chef

The organism normally absorbs all the necessary substances from the chyme in the stomach and intestines. The remainder which cannot be digested is evacuated as waste. The nutrients taken from the chyme reach the various cells, tissues, and organs and undergo many complicated changes. Once these changes are complete, the residual products are excreted via the kidneys, lungs, intestines, and sweat glands. All these changes and conversions which the nutrients undergo during their journey through the cells of the body are collectively referred to as intermediary metabolism. It is extremely important that these processes maintain a state of equilibrium if the organs, tissues, and cells are to function normally, and the organism as a whole is to remain healthy.

A malfunction or blockage in the metabolic pathways disrupts the normal state of balance and can result in pathological symptoms. Insufficient or excessive quantities of certain substances can be formed. If, for example, the body is not receiving enough iron, the required number of red blood corpuscles are not produced, and anemia may develop.

Breathing, thirst, and hunger stimulate the human being to ingest substances to meet physiological requirements to assure building and maintenance functions, such as air (oxygen), water, and substances of animal and vegetable origin. Instinct, age-old experience, tradition, habit and a subjective sensitivity guide human beings in food selection. Foods are chosen from the available raw materials which, on the one hand, contain the necessary quantities of nutrients, and, on the other hand, have a certain amount of enjoyment value.

1) If you peel off the carrot, celery, white radish or leek don't throw it away. U can use it for using as mere-poix, or use it for roasted meat.

2) Approximately, peoples need 30,000 foods for entire lifetime.

3) There are only 9 groups of animals that supply milk to us, i.e: cows, goats, zebras, camels, sheeps, deer, yak, and llama.

From the back desk,

Dr. Chef
About the Author
Dr. Chef, Webmaster for .Dr. Chef has been a chef in hotel around the world.From China to India, Middle East to South Africa and Canada to Australia. Now retired as a chef and doing a consultant company in restaurant and hotel business in south East-asia.

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