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Beach Cruisers- A Retro Daydream

By Howard Gibson

The bicycles are styled like those popular in the 1950's - with fat tires that can handle sand, wide handlebars, comfortable seats and foot brakes. They have sort of become part of the lifestyle in places where people go surfing, like Southern California or at least a place that in the summertime you can have a good surfing fantasy, which can be anywhere, and includes riding a beach cruiser bike. And these tires are really fat. Think about racing bikes with 1-inch tires. Well these bikes have fat tires that are 2 or 2 inches wide. It's like screaming to the other people on bikes, "I'm not in a rush, I want to be comfortable, and look cool; that's all I care about, thank you."

One older guy, in his 30s that is, was seen cruising by on a Dynocruiser, a make not often seen, but brought back to life with careful restoration. With careful work over many a weekend the bike was restored to its original splendor and then some. Like the big thing on the back is not a gas tank. And the new bright colors are really ones for the sun to reflect off of, including pink, mint green, purple, chrome, yellow and the ubiquitous black beach cruiser.

The great colors available from hundreds of manufactures are also pretty amazing, from mint green to chrome to yellow beach cruisers. Many of the older boomers really like the flaring fenders and dazzling colors. It's not enough to have one paint job; many of these beach cruisers have intricate designs and a ten coat job. It's part of a nostalgia trip. If you put enough coats of paint on your beach cruiser you can go back to having a sunshine daydream, like in the 1960s. This may have been more difficult under some circumstances, but with some preparation, it can be done. In the summertime, almost anyplace will do to go for a trip on your bike. Meanwhile, as bike watchers stared, a woman aged in her 30s rode by on a purple beach cruiser adorned with Hawaiian style flowers.

Don't forget that you can order beach cruiser bikes at a discount price on the Internet, and then get the family together to assemble these bikes. That way, you begin to get into practice if you really want to alter and personalize your bike, with thick mid-section, and designer fork handlebars. Beach cruisers for adults can vary from body of 17 inch models or 19 inch models. The wheels for the men's bikes are generally 26 inches. The height adjustment can be made by adjusting the level of the seat.

The beach cruisers are so comfortable, with their wide seats and wide tires, some people don't ride them very far. Instead they are used as decorative objects, mainly by people who have not graduated to racing cars or low rider cars. After all a low rider bike is similar to a beach cruiser, it just has a banana seat. At least before you customize and turn it into something really weird. Very nice beach cruisers can sell for $199.99. That's a lot less than the average racing bikes these days.
About the Author
Howard Gibson writes about bike fun at beach cruiser bikes and the Beach Cruiser Blog .

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