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Top ten ways to spot terrorists in the Society

By Jennifer Taylor

Terrorism is spreading in the world very fast. We still remember suicidal terrorist attacks like 9/11, Madrid train bombings, London bombings. No one knows when and where will be the next terrorist attack and how terrible it will be. Now terrorist groups like Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and many more exist but one group i.e Al-Qaida is very deadly. Al-Qaida terrorist group has the manpower, finance and has volunteers for suicidal terrorist attack.

Terrorist or operative those carry out these suicidal strike are also human but they don't care about the lives of innocent children and person. These suicidal terrorist has certain set of behavior and psychological traits which can be trace. Now suicidal terrorists are highly educated and qualified and they are mixing with local people. So they don't like be traced or caught before their jihad or mission.

The following are the characteristics of suicidal terrorist -

1. Suicidal terrorist belong to the age group of 20-30.
2. Have low self esteem.
3. Terrorist may complaint about loss of their passport on many times
4. These terrorist may visit indian sub continent.
5. Elbow and knee have the brushes and marks of rigorous training.
6. Disappear for long time and tell their peers that they are on the tour
7. Belong to ethnic group of Arabic or indian sub-continent.
8. If convert to particular religion and become more religious.
9. They have the literature on jihad, surfing jihad related site.
10. Visit cyber café for surfing rather than their place of residence.
11. They avoid their friends and relative and live alone.
12. Wear black cloth on the day of martyrs
13. Target crowdy places like train, bus, Madrid or London bombings, to inflict maximum casualty.

Suicide attack motto is to inflict maximum damage to the enemy but now their motto is to inflict maximum civilian casualty. Even 9/11, Madrid train bombings motto were the same.

So to prevent another 9/11, Madrid train bombings, London bombings, be careful.
About the Author
Jennifer Taylor is the expert on Terrorism, war on terrorism, anti terrorism operation, about terrorist attack, jihad in indain kashmir, terrorist group, india pakistan war and would like to share view with others.
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Top ten ways to spot terrorists in the Society
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