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Tell-tale Symptoms That Tell You It's Time To Look For Another Job

By Ver Cruz

At some point in our lives comes a boss who just causes us to grind our teeth and make a solemn vow to leave for good the next day. Now there are times when it best for you to stay awhile or pack up and leave.

Is it easy to spot these signs? Yes, it is, but some things must be noted. This is not something to be taken frivolously. Remember, you can't go wrong with getting a replacement job before you leave your current one. It may take you anywhere from one to six months to find a better and more suitable job, and you don't want to deplete your finances during your bumhood days. So if you want a seamless transition in your jobs, and at the same time maintain your vital finances and standard of living, secure a replacement job first.

Also, if you are still gainfully employed during your job search, you will be in an enhanced bargaining position for your new job.

Your next employer will think you are valuable since you are still currently employed. If you are currently employed, state that you are a productive and useful employee with skills and attributes valuable to their organization.

Be prepared to bargain and get paid well, not only financially but also with other basic rewards and payments, to entice you away from your current employer. Perhaps a higher position, a promotion, your own office, or marked parking spot.

What are the likely signs to look for when it's time to look for a new job? tells us:

You know in your heart that you are not performing to the best of your abilities.

You start making friends of co-workers that you previously couldn't stand.

You cannot picture your future with your current employer.

When considering the good and bad things about your job, the 'bad' wins.

You try to improve your present situation but it never turns out.

You find yourself quite happily dreaming or fantasizing about being in other job opportunities.

Your skills are lagging. Your position offers no more opportunities.

You can't keep your spirits up.

Your salary and rewards are just not enough.

You want to live somewhere else.

Your company or work description has changed radically since you began.

You hate your job, your boss, or company and don't care about your work anymore.

Basically, we are creatures of habit and there is comfort in the 'status quo' even if we despise it. Changes are always difficult. However, changes are good. What if all you really need is a breakthrough?

If you find that the abovementioned symptoms all relate to you, then it is time to hit your local paper's classified ads, or free online job classifieds for free job listings.

Start looking and start putting 'feelers' out. And get a job you can really love and grow with!

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Free sign-up, free resume posting, free browsing, free exposure to thousands of employers in all of Oz. It's about time you had a breakthrough!

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