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Hoodia: A Side Effect Free Appetite Suppressant

By Emily King

Why does an appetite suppressant require? Obesity is growing with a monstrous rate. Till yet, it has taken more than 300 people in its trap. This large figure compels us to think over the problem now of it will be too late. Appetite suppressants are the only available help for eradication of obesity and emancipation of obese from its paws. This is why an appetite suppressant only not required but there is urgency for it.

High efficacy and side effect free working are two qualities, which every obese search in an appetite suppressant. Hoodia has both qualities, its efficacy and benignity is proven in uses and clinical tests. Tribes of Kalahari Desert are using Hoodia plant as an appetite suppressant since ancient time. No side effect of Hoodia on their bodies has ever been reported.

1995 was the year when Phytopharm (a pharmaceutical company) got the license for the development of Hoodia diet pills from Hoodia plant. The endeavor was productive and Phytopharm successfully extracted P-57 from the succulent plant Hoodia. Now, the company is using P-57 in manufacturing Hoodia diet pill, capsule and health drink. Only Phytopharm has the necessary technology for the extraction of P-57 from Hoodia Gordonii plant. Presently, Phytopharm in collaboration with Unilever is developing and manufacturing Hoodia appetite suppressant.

P-57 is extracted only from Hoodia Gordonii (a type of Hoodia). This natural extract increases the level of sugar in the blood, which is taken by the brain as fullness of stomach. This takes place with a thunder speed, which is ten thousand times faster than the signaling of natural sugar. Since, the brain knows that you have enough food in the stomach, while it is not so, you will not feel the urge for food.

Hoodia appetite suppressant is prepared from natural extract of Hoodia plant only. It does not contain Ephedra, Ma-Huang or any such harmful substances. Doctor's prescription is not essential to start the use of Hoodia however, prior consultation is always beneficial. Children, pregnant ladies, ladies planning to conceive soon and nursing mother should not use Hoodia. Those who have body mass index less than 27 too should not use this medication.

The pills and capsules of Hoodia are easy to use. Just swallow a pill or capsule of Hoodia daily before breakfast with a glassful of plain water. With Hoodia, weight loss is possible in almost all cases. Clinical studies have confirmed that 1200mg is safer and effectual volume of Hoodia. Therefore, each diet pill or capsule of Hoodia contains the same volume of medication in it. Consuming Hoodia more than this volume can be harmful, so never take overdoses of this medication.

When targeting on weight loss with a bull's eye view, buy Hoodia through an online order and lose weight with out any side effect. The delivery of online purchase of Hoodia is made at your doorstep.
About the Author
Emily King is a specialist doctor for healthcare, weightloss and obesity. For more information on Hoodia, Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills, Hoodia Gordonii, African Hoodia Cactus, Buy Hoodia Diet Pills, Weight loss visit

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