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Good Things To Know About Movie Trailers

By Dalvin Rumsey

Everybody knows what the movie trailers are. They are meant to offer the public a preview of a new movie that has not yet entered the theatres. These short film advertisements give hints about the plot of the movie, while also introducing the actors and the scenery to the public.

Their name dates back to the early years of cinema, when the advertisements for one film were shown after another film. Nowadays, movie trailers are being shown at the beginning of movies in order for people to know what to expect next. In order to attract the viewers' attention, only the most funny or exciting moments of the movie are selected for the trailer. These are usually the best shots from that particular movie. Sometimes, the trailers even have special scenes shot only for advertisement. These scenes are not included in the final movie.

The things you will find in almost every trailer are the green or red band graphic at the beginning of the trailer, the logos of the studio, production and distribution companies, the cast run and the voice to explain the plot of the movie. Each and every one of these elements plays an important part in the highly condensed and polished advertisements which we call trailers. For example, the band graphic at the beginning of the trailer indicates its certification by Motion Picture Association of America. The cast is meant to present the stars of the movie along with the director. The music of the movie trailer may consist of popular themes or it may have only been composed for the advertising of the film.

Whether they are made in the studio where the movie has been made or contracted to outside advertising agencies called Trailer Houses, movie trailers follow the trends set by a serious market research and by consultations with studio owners. The final product that is being released on the market should reflect all these important aspects.

Even if some of the movie trailers are said to be full of clichéd statements that people are already fed up with, their main advantage is the fact that they may include scenes that are not present in the movie. And this is what catches the full attention of the public.

People can download from the internet a lot of free movie trailers, which they can enjoy in the privacy of their own homes.
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