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Acomplia, a Product of Sanofi and Friend of Obese

By Joseph jones

Acomplia is a medicinal product for its manufacturer (Sanofi-Aventis), but its significance is much more than a product for the people suffering from obesity. In their lives, appetite suppressant Acomplia has come as a ray of hope. Numerous obese have taken the benefit of Acomplia in the Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. This is the reason why obese, in other part of the globe, are waiting for diet pill Acomplia. Particularly, obese in the US are desperately waiting for Acomplia. But, they have to wait for some more time because FDA is in the process of conducting clinical trials of the medication with various parameters.

Acomplia is comparatively new in the weight loss drug market, but rigorous clinical tests which Acomplia passed ensure its reliability. Only after complete satisfaction about high safety measures and proper efficacy, a panel of high level officials of 25 European countries gave its nod to the sale of Acomplia diet pill in their respective countries. Till October 2006, Sanofi has launched Acomplia in six more European countries (Germany, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Finland and Austria); it has been already available in the UK since June 2006.

The anti-obesity medication Acomplia is made up of Rimonabant. Rimonabant is a chemical compound, which blocks the working of CB-1 receptor. The role of CB-1 receptor is the transportation of various signals from cells of body to the brain. Transferring the signals of hunger too is a function of CB-1. Acomplia blocks CB-1 receptor in its working thus brain remains unaware about hunger even if the body demands it. You cannot eat excess food while you are taking dosage of Acomplia. If you are in habit of smoking, then this medication can put some restrictions on urge for smoking.

Acomplia is beneficial but you cannot use it without prescription of doctor. Getting prescription of doctor for using Acomplia is not a tough task. You can easily get it, if you are not suffering from high cholesterol generated cardio vascular disease and your body mass index is more than 27. There are certain other groups (pregnant ladies, ladies planning to conceive child) for whom Acomplia is not prescribed. Children are also debarred from using Acomplia. Prescription medications have side effects; Acomplia also is not an exception. The side effects of Acomplia are dizziness, nausea, constipation and muscular cramps. These side effects are mild and take place only in a few cases only because of non adjustment of body with the medication.

Doctor is best person to prescribe right volume and pattern of dosages of Acomplia. This medication comes in two different volumes i.e. 10mg and 20mg. In most of the cases of obesity, 20mg pill of Acomplia is prescribed. Acomplia is easily available through online order. Buy Acomplia online and get a true friend who can help in weight loss. Online pharmacies deliver this medication at your doorstep.
About the Author
Joseph Jones received training as a healthcare scientist. He has been working in the same field and writes informative articles for weight loss subject. To find Acomplia, online Phentermine prescription, Rimonabant,phentermine diet pills, Obesity, dosages of Acomplia visit

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