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Private Student Loans from NextStudent Help Students Stay on Course to Pay for College

By Jeff Mictabor

FINAL inFormal Article
586 words

Private Student Loans from NextStudent Help Students Stay on Course to Pay for College

Although the cost of college is increasing, a college education still is a good investment. Most often those who choose to go the college route in the end will fare better in the job market and typically will receive better salaries than those who opt out of college.

There are numerous scholarships and grants available to college students. By researching the many scholarships and grants, students can find the "free money" that is out there to help fund their college education.

Private Student Loans Can Save the Day

There are times when private student loans are necessary because borrowers have exhausted the funds available through federal student loans. It never is a bad time to apply for private student loans ( , as they are available any time during the year and have no application deadline.

With private student loans, student borrowers can pay for the entire cost of their education, less financial aid received, which includes tuition, fees, housing costs and supplies. It is easy to apply and preapproval is complete within minutes. There are no application fees and the loans are credit-based and unsecured. Even though borrowers may apply without a co-signer, more private student loans are approved by NextStudent when a qualified co-signer is named.

Students in a pinch need not worry, as the loans go direct to the borrower. In addition, repayment on the loans can start as much as six months following graduation, or when a student is enrolled less than half time at college.

NextStudent's Student Loan Options

Oftentimes, "free money" is not enough to cover the full cost of an education. This is when student loans ( step in to help save the day. NextStudent offers a wide variety of student loan options to help make student and parent borrowers' lives easier. From federal Stafford Loans to PLUS loans ( Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students, NextStudent has the loan to best suit each individual borrower's needs.

Student Loan Amounts and Eligibility

Private student loan borrowers can receive as much as $40,000 annually, or the calculated attendance cost (lesser amount). The available maximum for the program is $130,000.

Student borrowers must be enrolled at college at least half time in order to participate in NextStudent's Private Student Loan Program. Other requirements include being enrolled at a school approved by the Education Resources Institute in either a degree or certificate program. All NextStudent private loans are guaranteed by TERI, which is a nonprofit organization. The loans also can be available to international students and students taking distance learning courses.

NextStudent, federal lender code 834051, is dedicated to helping students and their families find affordable ways to pay for college. NextStudent offers one-on-one education finance counseling and has a portfolio of highly competitive education finance products and services including a free online scholarship search engine, federally guaranteed parent and student loans, private student loans, both federal and private student loan consolidation ( programs, and college savings plans.

The NextStudent Scholarship Search Engine, one of the nation's oldest and largest scholarship search engines, is updated daily, available free of charge, completely private and represents 2.4 million scholarships worth $3.4 billion.

For more information about NextStudent and its student loan programs, please visit the company's Web site at
About the Author
Jeff Mictabor is an enthusiast on the topic of student loan issues in the news. He has been writing for the past 10 years for a variety of education publications. He now offers his writing services on a freelance basis.

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