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My Rich Jerk Experiences

By Ben Rhodes

The day I bought The Rich Jerk and began reading it I found myself staying up very late because I couldn't stop reading. It inspired me so much. This book is very well laid out and looks extremely professional compared to most others I've read. This book was worth the price just for the inspiration I got out of it. Motivating me is tough, but since reading this book I've been building one website after another. My sites have been doubling their income almost every month. Read that again. Doubling almost every month! That still blows my mind, even months later. The most amazing part is that most of my sites are still new and not getting anywhere near their potential traffic yet.

Am I a millionaire? No, I am a teenager struggling to live without his parents help. Even though I don't make large amounts of money I am proud because I am 18. This past month I set a monthly record and earned 1000 dollars. The funny thing is that I thought it would take me a whole year to make 3000 dollars just to buy a crappy car and get a job bagging groceries. I have come a long way. I started out having nothing but 200 dollars in my savings account and a computer that my aunt gave me for Christmas. I had no job and could barely support myself. Now I own my own car, pay for the insurance and help pay rent for an apartment. I am where I am because of The Rich Jerk. Along with making money off of The Rich Jerk I have a job that pays me 9 dollars an hour. I am on my way to having enough money to go to college. Enough about me, Ill tell you about the book now.

Here is a list of the chapters:

Creating an affiliate website that sells like crazy:
This is my favorite section of the Jerk's entire book by far. It has a good listing of affiliate program networks, several of which I have since joined and started receiving checks regularly from. This chapter also has a great section about writing good sales copy. This is one thing I'm no good at and the help the jerk offered was greatly appreciated. Using the methods from this chapter and the next one I was able to double my total revenue. Every month that goes by my checks get bigger and bigger, and at the end of every month I think to myself "this is going to be hard to beat" then blow it out of the water the next month. I don't expect this kind of increase to go on forever, but if it keeps up I'll be one happy kid.

Unique Search Engine PPC Strategies:
This section details pay per click advertising and ways to make profit using them. A friend of mine has been using some of these techniques to double his money for the past few months. I am also using these methods and making a pretty good chunk of extra cash every week without even using my own web sites. I'd rather not get into what these methods are since I don't need the jerk's lawyers after me, but suffice it to say it works. I am cashing in on these strategies now before the rest of the world catches on and they are no longer effective. This section also covers ways to write Adwords ads that people will be most likely to click.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies:
This section details ways to promote your site, many of which people wouldn't think of on their own. Did you come to this page from Google? If so, what number was my site ranked for your search? I think that is enough said about this section of the book. :) While the Rich Jerk is a bit light on SEO in his book, there's no way this can be adequately covered in any decent fashion in any publication this size. In other words, you're gonna need to learn more about this than what you'll get from RJ!

Selling your own informational product:
The Rich Jerk feels that this is the best way to make lots of money online. Selling a product that has no cost of production once the product has been designed. You provide a download and let someone else handle the billing. I started a project like this but haven't done much with it. I will start work on it again in the future when I run out of other website money making ideas. I'm not anywhere near as good a writer as the jerk.

Buying Wholesale and selling on ebay:
This is something many people make a living doing. There is some information about wholesalers and drop-shippers here. He also covers a pretty large list of ways people get ripped off doing this sort of business, so if you're considering it this is a great chapter for you. This isn't something I was very interested in myself. I don't want to have to drive around, ship stuff, deal with customers, etc. I like making money while I'm asleep a lot more than trying to make a few dollars profit on an item I'm selling.

Websites you can make profitable right now:
This section has a lot of information about ClickBank. Before reading this book I had never heard of CB, but now they send me nice checks every 2 weeks. ClickBank has since become my favorite affiliate network. I don't even have the words to describe how much I enjoy every time that check arrives.

Other online ventures:
This chapter of the book briefly covers a few other ways to make money online without a web site. These things would require further research prior to diving in, so I haven't really looked into them at all. All my own web sites have been keeping me occupied.

Supplemental information for beginners:
If you're new to creating web pages for profit, this section will be good for you. It covers many things that people that have been around for a while "just know" and covers the basic concepts of how various online money making programs work. Maybe people that have never done this before have little to no idea how this stuff works, and this will help them get a handle on it so they can start raking in cash too.

Recommended products and tools:
This last section has some links to other software, books, programs, etc that you may find helpful on your journey to becoming a rich jerk. I found a few of these tools to be very helpful.

You Can Buy The Rich Jerk If You:Click Here!
About the Author
My name is Ben Rhodes and I live in the Atlanta-Metro area.

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