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How To Become A Wealthy Piano Teacher

By FineTuned Productions Inc

Ask the average piano teacher how to become a wealthy piano teacher and you'll probably hear "you can't" for an answer. The general consensus is that teaching piano is a labor of love that happens to also pay the bills, but not much more. But that's not true. I know how to become a wealthy piano teacher. And you can discover how to become a wealthy piano teacher too. The answers are right here in this article.

If Alicia Keys, or Billy Joel, or an old player like Stevie Wonder can learn how to become wealthy piano players by banging on their baby grand, why can't every piano instructor learn how to become a wealthy piano teacher? It's all a matter of perception.

You see, most piano teachers don't think of themselves as entrepreneurs. They don't understand that they are actually in two businesses. Sure, they are in the business of teaching every budding Ludwig van Beethoven how to tickle the ivory and how to tell a treble clef from a bass clef, but they are also in the business of being in business.

That means that besides cracking open the music books, they also have to crack open the accounting books. They have to make time to separate the black and white keys from the black and white numbers. They have to learn how to run a profitable business LIKE it was a business and not a hobby.

If you want to learn how to become a wealthy piano teacher, you have to learn how to run a successful business. This means that you need to run a profit and loss statement, identify your overhead, analyze your rates, and determine what you need to do to raise your standard of living without working yourself into an early grave.

Does that sound impossible? It isn't. In fact, the only thing I'm asking you to do is what every other successful business person in the world does every day -- run your business at a profit. Want to know how to become a wealthy piano teacher? Make believe you're a lawyer, or a doctor, or a plumber instead. No, I'm serious. Here's what I mean...

No matter what business you are in, even teaching piano, you're selling something. Shopkeepers sell merchandise, lawyers, doctors, plumbers and, yes, piano teachers sell their skills. And they sell it by the hour. If you aren't getting top dollar for the time you spend teaching your students how to boogie woogie, you're leaving money on the table. That's money that should be in your pocket instead.

One of the keys to earning top dollar for your classical, concert and jazz piano skills is to raise your visibility in the market and make yourself appear to be more exclusive than your competitors. People with money in their pockets are willing to pay for exclusivity and the benefits that come with learning from the best of the best.

That's only one trick you need to learn in order to discover how to become a wealthy piano teacher. There are more.
About the Author
One of the most sincere writers on the topic of Sheryl Q. stand miles ahead of the rest.

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