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The Magnificent Ski Areas in Colorado

By Groshan Fabiola

Winter sports lovers, particularly skiing enthusiasts are guaranteed to find the ski areas in the State of Colorado the perfect place for practicing their hobby. Renowned for the variety of its properly equipped, competitive ski resorts and its magnificent snowy slopes, the State of Colorado draws thousands of tourists in search of fun, excitement and adrenaline each year.

Persons who choose ski areas in Colorado are often overwhelmed by the imposing, colossal figures of the snowy mountains and the breathtaking, wild landscapes found in the State. Ski resorts in Colorado greatly vary in terms of geographical location, accessibility and amenities, but they all share the same characteristic: vast, beautiful slopes, equally suitable for novice and experienced skiers, as well as other winter sports fans. For the regular tourist and the passionate with skiing, Colorado ski resorts often seem like heaven on Earth.

Ski areas in Colorado include popular names, such as Aspen, Snowmass, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Wolf Creek, Eldora and Steamboat, to name only a few. Together, these Colorado ski areas offer people unlimited access to a variety of welcoming slopes, impressive through their high altitudes, very long distances covered and impeccable quality.

Two of the most popular and appreciated ski resorts in Colorado are, undoubtedly, Aspen and Snowmass. Aspen is located in Pitkin County, very close to the city of Aspen. The ski resort is flanked by the imposing Aspen Mountain to the North and Bell Mountain to the South. Although Aspen is a relatively small ski area compared to other ski areas, (Snowmass, for instance) it compensates for that through its impressive elevation, (2422m at the base and 3417m at the top) its stunning landscapes and of its smooth, high-quality ski slopes. Comprising around 3000 acres, Snowmass is another popular ski area in Colorado. Snowmass is renowned for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and extensive ski-in / ski-out lodging and combines accessible, novice slopes with challenging, extreme skiing terrain. These characteristics render Snowmass suitable for both experienced and aspiring skiers.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in Summit County is also a resonant name among the community of skiers. Copper Mountain Ski Resort corroborates impressive elevation (2960m at the base and 3753 at the top) with very diverse ski terrains, ranging from beginner to expert level. Beaver Creek (common host of Alpine Skiing World Cup events), Vail (the sister resort of Beaver Creek), Breckenridge (popular for its progressive-difficulty slopes on the Rocky Mountains), Wolf Creek (renowned for the impressive amounts of snow found in the region) and Keystone (famous for its nocturnal activity both on and off the slopes) are also prominent, worth-mentioning ski areas in Colorado.

Persons who have been to these wonderful places and have tested the impressive slopes found in these regions became regular customers for the local ski resorts. The polyvalent nature of the ski resorts in Colorado renders these places perfectly suitable for amateur and professional skiers, other winter sports enthusiasts and tourists in search of fun and excitement. If you haven't yet discovered the beauty of the ski areas in Colorado, you should definitely include these places on your holiday destination list in order to have a remarkable, unforgettable experience!
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