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Career as a Jewelry Repairer

By Norma Stefanik

The Jewelry Repairer needs special training, ability to work on a tedious job for hours and a love for jewelry. He may work in a variety of places and possibly be self-employed.

Education Requirements: The repairer should have finished high school where he took classes in chemistry, physics, shop and mechanical drawing. He may have attended a community college or trade school where he took courses in jewelry repair techniques, as well as use and care of tools and machines. He also learned casting, polishing, stone setting and gem identification. His education probably continued in an on-the-job training program.

Job Abilities: The jewelry repairer must be able to work on very tedious tasks for long periods of time. He must have good finger dexterity and good hand and eye coordination. He will be working with very expensive metals such as gold, silver and platinum. He will also be working with valuable diamonds and gemstones. The jewelry repairer must have mechanical skills to use the tools of the trade such as saws, files, and drills.

A handicapped person may find this job appealing since limited mobility would not hinder his work. However, he must have the hand, finger and eye dexterity as mentioned above. With these qualifications and a love for jewelry, he can be very successful in this job.

Job Opportunities: A jewelry repairer may work in a jewelry store, a manufacturing plant doing assembly line work or he may be self-employed. If the jewelry repairer chooses to work in a manufacturing plant, he may do only one task repeatedly such as a solderer, polisher or toolsetter. A jewelry repairer may own a trade shop where individuals may bring their broken jewelry or a jewelry store may send their work to his shop. The repairer who owns his own shop must work well with people and be able to manage the business and financial affairs of his business. A jewelry store is a much more comfortable and quiet location than a manufacturing plant with its noisy machinery and possibly less stressful than managing his own business.

His work: The jewelry repairer's job will most likely be; resetting loose stones, resizing rings, restyling old rings and other pieces, replacing clasps and restringing beads and pearls. The job, like most others in this industry, requires a love for jewelry and appreciation of its beauty and charm. The jewelry repairer will feel great pride in his work and joy he brings to others. Restoration of Grandma's broach or pearls would be very rewarding both to the Repairer and his client.

The Future: A variety of jobs are available for the Jewelry Repairer. The sale of jewelry continues to increase. The number of jewelry stores is growing as well as internet sales, TV sales, department store sales and other outlets. A good jewelry repairer will always be able to find employment.

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About the Author
Norma Stefanik is writer and senior administrator for, which specializes in fine jewelry.

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