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Ebook Review: The Worn Paper System

By Tom Parker

File Size: 2.14mb Zipped, 2.18mb Unzipped.
Number of Pages: 44
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).
Subject: The Worn Paper System is "the average person's guide to making money on the Internet." In this ebook Sara Brown discusses the exact blueprint she uses to put together simple, money making websites, time and time again, project after project.

Sara Brown is one of the UK's top Internet Marketers. She runs a variety of websites which can all be accessed from If you want to know more read her About Me page on eBay or subscribe to her newsletter through her websites.

As a long time newsletter subscriber and repeat customer of Sara Brown's I snapped up a copy of The Worn Paper System as soon as it was offered to me. This system was initially a diagram scribbled down onto a worn piece of paper and pinned above Sara's desk. The diagram itself is a result of Sara's one year research into how to avoid losses and replicate big successes online. Now for the first time ever she has converted it into ebook form. Not only do you get the actual diagram that Sara has used to set up her various money making websites, but she also breaks it down into step by step, easy to follow instructions. To put it in Sara's words this is "the average person's guide to making money on the Internet."

Inside the Worn Paper System Sara tells you:
· How to create and sell your own Ebook!!
· How to sell Affiliate Products!!
· How to create and sell your own Software!!
· How to use Blogs to promote the above Products!!
· How to use Forums to promote the above Products!!
· How to use Viral Reports and Ebooks to promote the above Products!!
· How to participate in Joint Ventures to promote the above Products!!
· How to use Articles to promote the above Products!!
· How to use eBay's About Me Page to promote the above Products!!
· How to build a Mailing List to promote the above Products!!
· The actual diagram that appeared on that worn piece of paper!!

The Worn Paper System begins with Sara explaining how her friend lost his job. The subsequent money earning advice she gave him is exactly what is outlined in The Worn Paper System. She then goes on to tell you that you will need $100 (approximately £50) to pay for website hosting before you begin but this will be the only cost. Following this the Worn Paper System is divided into three basic chapters; "Getting a domain name and Website", "What will I be Selling", and "How to make Money."

The first chapter "Getting a domain name and Website" is clearly aimed at beginners. If you're completely unfamiliar with this process then you may need to read this bit, but the majority of readers will be able to skip straight to the next chapter "What will I be Selling."

Sara begins the next chapter entitled "What will I be Selling" by describing the three products she sells online (ebooks, affiliate products, and software) and then how to go about sourcing/creating each of these.

I found the section on selling ebooks very informative. Sara provides effective ideas on how you could create both an Internet Marketing Ebook and a Non-Internet Marketing Ebook of your own. She also provides information on how you can make quite a profit from resellable ebooks in ways that don't initially spring to mind.

The section on selling affiliate products is not quite as good because it contains a lot of filler such as screenshots of Sara's affiliate earnings. It does do quite a good job at explaining ClickBank terms such as "Gravity" but overall I didn't really learn anything new in this section. If you have no idea at all what affiliate programs are and how they work then this section may prove useful but otherwise. Otherwise you will probably be able to skip right past it.

The third section on creating your own software is very good. I found it particularly informative as it explains how you can get your own software created without being a programmer. All you need is the idea. This section is short but to the point and creating my own software using Sara's methods is an idea I will be looking into in the future.

Following the above three sections Sara moves onto the next chapter "How to make Money." The chapter on "What will I be Selling" explained how to source/create the products. Now you have the products, "How to make Money" explains how to promote and make money from these products via blogs, forums, viral ebooks, joint ventures, articles, eBay About Me pages, and mailing lists.

Sara begins with blogs and explains how you can use these free tools to sell the above products. The methods Sara explains in this section are simply but effective, and methods that I implement myself as an affiliate. Sara explains how to get your blog set up, what you need to include in it, and how long it will take to set up. Overall, I found this section very good and have myself implemented many of the blogging methods detailed by Sara.

In the next section Sara discusses how to use forums to promote products. I found this section rather short, and the information rather basic. I think most people will already know of the methods identified in this section but it may be useful to the beginner.

Next Sara discusses viral reports and ebooks. This information in this section is quite good and can be used to effectively promote your products. However, like with the section on forums this information is almost common knowledge and therefore is only likely to be useful to beginners.

Following this Sara moves on to discuss using joint ventures to promote the products. I found this section very good because it explains how you can generate a lot of extra sales with very little effort. Sara explains how you can go about arranging your first joint venture. Even if you are a relative beginner and you are just releasing your first product, a successful joint venture with a "guru" can send your sales through the roof in a matter of days.

Articles are the next promotional tool discussed in this chapter. Sara explains how you can submit free articles to the article directories, and use these to promote products. Although articles can be a very effective long-term promotional tool, like with some of the above promotional methods, you are likely to have heard of the methods Sara discusses before. Therefore, this information is likely to be only useful to beginners.

Next Sara moves onto eBay About Me pages. In this section Sara discusses a quite underutilised but effective method for promoting products. It is likely that you have never thought of or been aware of this method. However, when used properly your eBay About Me page can be a great source of extra sales and a great promotional tool. Overall, this section is excellent and contains excellent ideas that can be utilised by anyone who has an eBay account.

In the final section of the chapter Sara moves onto discuss building a mailing list. If you sell online and don't yet build a mailing list, then you need to start doing so. It is in mine and Sara's opinion the single most important aspect of Internet Marketing. In this chapter Sara explains; why you need a list, how to build a mailing list effectively, and how to make money from your list. This chapter was one of the best, if not the best in the ebook. If you follow the instructions in this section you should have a mailing list up and running in a matter of days and be making money from the list soon after.

Following the end of chapter three Sara wraps up the ebook with a full page display of her "Worn Paper" diagram. This diagram provides a nice finish to the ebook as it brings all the ideas in the "Worn Paper System" together on one page in an easy to follow flowchart.

Overall, I found that The Worn Paper System contained some good ideas for selling your own products and selling as an affiliate. In particular the sections on selling ebooks, building a mailing list, and using your eBay About Me page effectively all contain excellent information. The ebook itself also provides a great guide on how to start from scratch and set up a steady number of income streams online. The ebook is also laid out very logically meaning that it's easy to follow and the methods inside can be implemented as you read. The main criticism I have of the ebook is that it is aimed at beginners. Someone who has been practicing Internet Marketing for some time is likely to already know about many of the methods discussed in this ebook. I was fully aware of article marketing, affiliate marketing, building a mailing list, and viral ebooks before I read this ebook. Although I did learn something new about blogging the majority of information was not new to me. Therefore, I would only recommend The Worn Paper System if you are a beginner in Internet Marketing. If you're a budding Internet Marketer looking where to start then The Worn Paper System provides you with a comprehensive, easy to follow plan, to get your first few income streams up and running. However, if you already know about blogging, article marketing, viral reports and any of the other above topics then you are probably best giving The Worn Paper System a miss.

· The section on ebooks is very informative and gets the creative juices flowing.
· The method of getting your own software is one of my favourites in The Worn Paper System. It's very simple but very effective.
· The section on blogging is quite informative and was what actually led to me creating my own blogs.
· All the promotional methods discussed are free so won't cost you a penny.
· The ebook is very well laid out and flows in a logical manner meaning it is easy to follow. You can implement the ideas as you read.
· The "Worn Paper" diagram at the end summarises the ebook very well. It could be used as a useful checklist when launching new websites, internet marketing campaigns etc.

· The section on affiliate marketing contains little useful information. It is little more than a glorified guide to ClickBank terms.
· There is quite a lot of filler (e.g. earnings screenshots) which I find unnecessary.
· Although they are effective, you are likely to already know about many of the promotional methods Sara mentions.

As I have said throughout this interview the majority of this information is common knowledge to me. I already know a good amount about article marketing, affiliate marketing, viral reports etc. However, reading the blogging section of The Worn Paper System did lead me to setting up my own blogs, an idea which I had overlooked in the past. Sara's method of creating your own software is also one I may be taking advantage of in the future.
About the Author
Tom Parker offers many impartial ebook reviews just like this one at his website Tom also runs a free newsletter for ebook sellers which you can join by sending an email to: Please include this bio when reprinting.

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