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A Career as a Jeweler

By Norma Stefanik

A career as a Jeweler requires a special person with lots of patience and ability to do tedious work for long periods of time. The jeweler must have educational courses in the trade and love for jewelry and the work he does. The jeweler is free to explore other facets of the business such as sales, design, and jewelry store ownership.

Education Requirements: A jeweler will be a high school graduate. He will have included chemistry, physics, art and mechanical drawing among his classes. Classes in sculpturing and metalworking would also be helpful.

There are educational and training programs available for the jeweler as well as trade schools and community colleges. They offer classes in jewelry-making skills, techniques, use and care of tools, as well as stone setting, casting, polishing and gem identification. He will learn the intricate repair work of jewelry. The training may take up to 36 months.

Job Abilities: The jeweler works with his hands and eyes mostly sitting at his bench for long hours. The job is very intense and requires hand and finger dexterity as well as hand and eye coordination. He can use a variety of hand tools such as drills, saws, files and a jeweler's lathe. Sometimes he will wear a jeweler's loupe and use a special magnifying glass.

Other Possibilities: The Jeweler may also become a designer if he has artistic ability along with the other requirements of the job. He may use his own designs as well as the designs of others. He may make his own molds, pour the molten metals and produce his own creations. He may create rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry out of gold, silver or platinum. As well, a jeweler may repair clocks and watches. The jeweler works with precious metals and very valuable stones.

Job Opportunities: The jeweler may find work in a variety of areas. He may be self-employed and work from his home, his own store, a small studio or trade shop. He could have a station in a jewelry store. He could also work for others in a manufacturing plant, a department store or a jewelry store. Jewelry stores are usually quiet, pleasant places to work compared with the shift and assembly line work and noisy machinery of a manufacturing plant.

The Future: A variety of jobs as a jeweler are available for those who look for them. The sale of jewelry continues to increase. The number of jewelry stores is growing as well as internet sales, TV sales, department stores sales and other outlets. A jeweler will always be able to find employment.

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About the Author
Norma Stefanik is writer and senior administrator for, which specializes in fine jewelry.

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