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Keeping The Blues Away

By Claudia Apfelthaler

So your'e at the stage of your journey where you have already learnt that what you focus on is what you get. You've accepted this fact and taken it to heart. You've been feeling happy and relieved that the solution to your troubles is that easy. Just change your mind. But somehow today just didn't work out like the way you wanted it to. You never had a doubt and you certainly were expecting good things but it all went to the dogs when you went to the ATM to draw cash, and were rudely told that there was none coming forth due to insufficient funds.

To make things worse, your child which is in desperate need of new clothes just told you that the only pair of jeans that still fit are broken. Now you feel really let down and frustrated.
The kind of feelings you definitely shouldn't be having to get to where you want to go, have taken over before you even knew what was happening. You land up in tears, feeling sorry for your self and naturally you've forgotten that you got yourself into this situation all by yourself. Of course it's somebody else's fault. Why hasn't that useless s.o.b paid his child maintenance? Forget the fact that you chose him in the first place.

So now you feel like you should have known better all along. You should have not changed your mind about anything. At least when you were operating in the competitive way you still had friends you could whine to, but now that you've completely alienated yourself your'e wondering how and why did this happen when you were trying so hard to practice The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. You read a couple of other books that
basically said the same: You get what you think about. What you resonate is what you get.

Chanting out affirmations to myself and feeling yippy skippy on the outside didn't have any staying power as I discovered on route to my new and better life. I really thought I was doing everything properly, I had a clear mental image of what I wanted. I was visualising when I went to bed and I visualised in the morning when I woke up. I kept my gratitude journal and wrote down all the things I was grateful for which was everything. But still it appeared as though Lady Luck was alluding me.

And that was my mistake, believing that Lady Luck was alluding me. I didn't have any belief that I could have wealth, real wealth, the kind which encompasses genuine inner happiness combined with material wealth. I just plain couldn't see it. It was only when I picked up a bible myself and read the part where Jesus said all things are possible to those that believe did my channel to receive open. That's how it all began for me.

Wallace Wattles says in the Science Of Getting Rich: As you go on in the certain way, opportunities will come to you in increasing number and you will need to be very steady in your faith and purpose, and to keep in close touch with the supreme mind by reverent gratitude.

Now I am steady in faith and embrace each moment of my life with genuine anticipation of prosperity! Keeping the blues away is easy when you know how. Just believe, everything you can imagine is yours, that's why it's in YOUR imagination. Just get a grip on that, if you can see it and believe without a doubt that it's yours then it will be so.
About the Author
Claudia Apfelthaler manifested her poor self into her rich self by paying attention to the Universal laws of attraction. Of all the things she at least expected, was to get involved with MLM. She loves people and really enjoys helping them see beyond the mere physical appearances of any situation. She can be visited around the clock at

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