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How to Find Happiness

By Chris Chenoweth

Happiness is all in attitude. Changing the way you think about things. Is the glass half full, or is it half empty? Is the sun bright and beautiful or is it hot and miserable? Does the rain falling day after day drag yours spirits down, or do you ever look at the beauty of the rain? Have you done all you wanted to do in this lifetime or do you sit back making excuses?

How you perceive things are the keys to your own happiness. If you are feeling overwhelmed in a situation in life, rather than sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, think positively. Find something that you can learn and gain from the situation.

Wake up in the morning and smile in the mirror. Welcome each day with the love you would give your precious child and savor the day. When things are down, turn them around. When things are happy, pile that happy time into your mind, where you can pull it out anytime you need a bit of cheering up.

Embrace life and be grateful for ALL things in life. Never fixate on small things. Look at the larger scale. It is amazing that in a true crisis you can rise up to the challenge, but it is always the last little small thing that throws people off into an angry fit.

Many people who are born blessed with good health and money are not happy and many people who have suffered and struggled are the happiest of all. It is all in how you look at it. So, keep your chin up and try to find the bright side to every situation that life throws you, for inside yourself lies true happiness.

All of us yearn for happiness. Everyone wants to feel good and happy. When circumstances and events are to our liking we are happy, when they are not, we feel unhappy. From the moment of birth, there is this endless race towards happiness.

When do we experience happiness? When something happens that stops or brings to a happy conclusion, a search, a worry, a fear or anything else, our minds become calm. We then have no need to think, worry or desire this object, event or circumstances. There is a kind of a mental relaxation which makes happiness manifest.

Watch your mind the next time you experience happiness and see what is happening. You will find out that the mind is quiet when happiness is experienced, and its constant chatter stops for a while. On a cloudy day the clouds hide the sun, but the sun is always there.

The premise is that happiness is always here to enjoy. The clouds of thoughts hide it, and we have to disperse them in order to experience happiness. Thoughts, desires, and worries cover this happiness. Happiness appears when these thoughts, desires and worries subside. Then the happiness that is inherent in the soul shines forth.

Happiness is not something far away and unattainable, and it does not depend on circumstances. Objects and events are not the cause of happiness. Happiness is an awareness, a consciousness that is an inseparable part of us. It is hidden by the endless thoughts and worries that the mind generates.


Pleasure is having a good feeling that comes from eating good food, watching a good movie, feeling the warm caressing rays of the sun on a winter day, enjoying a party etc. Pleasure has to do with enjoyment through the five senses. It is dependent on circumstances and objects.

If you are happy and accidentally hit your toe against a rock, for example, it may give you pain and be unpleasant, yet you may stay happy. When you are unhappy you may seek to eat chocolate because it gives you pleasure; yet you stay unhappy. When you are happy, you may not mind things that usually annoy you.

People have always been looking for great inner happiness. Not pleasure, but happiness. It is a happiness that no one can take from you no matter where you are. You may or may not experience pleasure, but you can stay happy. Never let your feelings be influenced by each little blow of the wind. If you can convince yourself to stay relaxed and calm in every situation, this will be the first step.

Activities such as learning to concentrate, developing self-discipline, practicing meditation and reading spiritual literature bring happiness because they calm the mind. Even just a little ability to quiet the mind brings happiness. This happiness is constant and eternal.

It is our nature to be happy, only our thoughts stand in our way of experiencing it. Dispel the thoughts and you are happy. Happiness is always there, only covered and hidden. It is your decision. Always choose happiness.
About the Author
Chris Chenoweth is the author of the DO-IT-YOURSELF HOME, HEALTH & MONEY GUIDE, 500 pages of household tips, home remedies, diet and nutrition information, health issues and thousands of recipes!

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