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Focus your way to success.

By Alexander Tretjakov

Focus is something that a lot of people in the self improvement
industry talk about. It is one of the crucial elements in
accomplishing anything. It brings our attention and concentrates
it on one task so we can complete it successfully. So the
question is how do we focus our attention?

There are many techniques out there to increase focus. Here are
a few tips to help you to become more efficient in your activities:

1. Do one thing at a time.

Simply pick a task and do it until it is done. It is easy to say,
but not so easy to accomplish. Creativity in that aspect can
definitely help. I recommend using a time management system that
will help you to categorize tasks, to assign priority of one task
to another; so you know which you have to do first. If you follow
any good self improvement system, one of the first things they
would tell you is the importance of learning how to manage your
time properly. Self help often implies taking the responsibility
for your own life. That includes learning how to manage your time
in the most efficient manner.

2. Pick tasks that are easy to do first and try to accomplish as
many of them as possible.

We often gauge self improvement by the sense of how much we have
accomplished. So by trying to accomplish many tasks, we in fact
increase our self confidence, and in turn are more motivated to
focus more on what we are doing. Using your creativity to find
motivation can be a great tool. Motivation is a driving force
behind all self improvement.

3. Concentrate on the outcome.

It is very important to have goals that will excite us. The key
to motivation is being excited about what you are doing. One of
the ways of keeping that excitement going is to be absolutely
clear about what you want to accomplish. Use your creativity
to find goals that you feel give you an emotional response. Goals,
if you are emotionally connected to them, are a powerful motivator.

Mastering the art of focus will greatly enhance you self improvement
efforts. When you are focused and your creativity is at its peak
you will be able to achieve great success in anything that you do.
About the Author
Copyright 2006
Alexander Tretjakov
Unconventional Thinking University
Author of MiWay Time Management System
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