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Successful Entrepreneurs: Do You Have The Characteristics Needed?

By Joshua Feinberg

Successful entrepreneurs in virtual IT have a certain set of personality traits and characteristics. Without these attributes, the chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur in this business are limited.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
A successful entrepreneur is someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

Successful entrepreneurs in virtual IT have made a detailed plan of what they're doing for the next year. They continually measure how they're doing against the plan so they can make adjustments along the way.

Successful entrepreneurs are always optimistic. They look at the positive side of things and they see opportunity in set-backs or unexpected events.

Successful entrepreneurs recognize their own negativity and get rid of it immediately. They do whatever it takes to tune out negative noise to stay focused and stay positive.

The successful entrepreneur is very selective in the kind of clients he/she wants to work with. They take the time to target particular occupations or industries and they look for untapped niches.

Successful entrepreneurs never blame others for their situation. They take responsibility for their actions and do whatever it takes to improve the business or themselves.

Successful entrepreneurs are continually looking for the next big challenge. They don't give up after one, or even a few setbacks.

The successful entrepreneur is very confident. They exude this confidence in how they present themselves: their clothes, car, grooming, social interactions, etc... all shout, "professional."

Successful entrepreneurs invest time, building mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with accountants, management consultants, and deeply niched technology providers. They take the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" approach to relationship networking.

Successful entrepreneurs in virtual IT know the importance of core business practices like saving, investing, testing, and measuring. This helps them do more of what's working and ditch what's not.

Finally, successful entrepreneurs commit to continuous self-improvement. Both in terms of technology and business skills as well as brainstorming and masterminding for continued, future prosperity.

Bottom Line on Successful Entrepreneurs
To be a successful entrepreneur in virtual IT you need a core set of personal characteristics and traits. Essentially you need to believe that you will be successful and exude confidence and a positive attitude at all times. Having a plan and being prepared to do whatever it takes to be successful are the things that will distinguish you as a successful entrepreneur.

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About the Author
Joshua Feinberg helps computer consultants get more steady, high-paying clients. Learn how you can too. Sign-up now for Joshua's free Computer Consultants Secrets audio training at

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