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The True Purpose Of The Athletic Scholarship

By Thaddeus Collins

For many high school athletes they believe that they will go to college on an athletic scholarship, the get picked up by a professional team. The truth is that only about 10% of all students attending college on an athletic scholarship move on in their sports career. The goal of the athletic scholarship program was not to create future athletic superstars, but to provide an education to those students that might otherwise not be able to afford one.

Never was the athletic scholarship developed to provide u with our next great sports superstar, instead it was intended to give society it next generation of doctors, inventors, businesspeople, and world leader. To get a true understanding of the athletic scholarship one must first understand that it was developed during a time when profession sports players earned less than the average worker did.

College sports should be played for enjoyment, but the ultimate goal is to gain a degree that can be use to propel the student to a better life. No organization understands this better than the Online Scouting Network, the goal of this organization is to get students that could not afford college into schools on athletic scholarships. Once there, they then have a real opportunity to take advantage of the college experience, and the pursuit of higher education.

Over the past few years there has been a lot of media coverage focused on the large salaries received by top level athletes, but these salaries are dwarfed by the number of successful college graduates who started their own business. Not to mention the number of the successful athletes who are returning to college to earn their degrees, which is best on their part because professional athletes have a limited shelf life in the sports arena.

These athletes know the value of an education, and the purpose of the athletic scholarship is to provide the student athlete with a viable educational background. So to reiterate the true purpose of the athletic scholarship, it was intended to provide financially challenged students with athletic abilities the opportunity to gain a college education. And, this is the goal of the Online Scouting Network whose website is located at

This philosophy is true with any scholarship or grant, athletic or academic the importance of getting a college education is the primary focus of these scholarships. The best advice is to first get a scholarship, then use the opportunity to effectively change the course of your life by making a contribution to the society that gave student athletes the chance.
About the Author
Thaddeus Collins is the owner of Online Scouting Network, and its mission is to provide high school student athletes an opportunity to attend college on an athletic or sports scholarship by providing exposure to their talents. Visit to get more information.

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