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How Astrology Compatibility Reading Help Your Relationships

By Javier Fuller

Planets have certain traits and characteristics. You are what your stars have made you.  The display of your emotions is linked to your star formations at the time of your birth.
Hence planetary analogy is used to understand relationships.

Astrology has an appeal that is difficult to resist. The best of the magazines, the national dailies have a column dedicated to astrology. The rationalists publicly decry astrology; put privately they do read these columns and consult the astrologers.

What Mars has got to do with your car accident? It has something to do. The accident could have been fatal, but for the influence of another star on Mars. You may say again, these are all wild calculations! In all, there are ten planets and 12 different signs where a particular planet could be! Look at the possibility of combinations according to your own mathematical calculations!

In your birth-chart, some planets dominate and the others do not. The dominating planet will influence the personality more.

Based on the calculations of influences of the various planets in a given time, you can identify the good and the bad tides. Knowing the things in advance will help you dilute the intensity of sufferings, but nevertheless the suffering shall be there.

Though the word compatibility has universal application, it is commonly understood in the context of male and female relationships. With every individual, one planet would provide the dominating influence. He will be identified with that planet.

What is the role of will power? The planets are gross bodies. Will power is subtle. It is the simple law of science that subtle is more powerful than the gross. That means you are capable of changing your destiny. How this can be achieved is again a matter of debate. No set rules can define this.

What are the important characteristics of the planets? Moon signifies emotional rapport, so wherever there is mention of the word love, mention of moon is obvious! No lover has referred to his sweetheart, you are my sun or you are my river'. Mercury indicates that both the partners are on the same wavelength. With sun, it is fundamental values and approach towards life which is matched well.

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