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eBay Feedback Rating Determines Your Success!

By Cameron A.Oswalds

Your Ratings Are Critical to Your Success!
Whenever you buy something anywhere, the first thing that runs through your mind would be, am I buying from a trustworthy source? That may be what you are used to in the offline world, and things are not too different in the online world. Growing your business on eBay is well complemented by your positive feedback ratings. In a way, you can say growing the eBay feedbacks is synonymous with growing your business. If you are new to business and eBay, its all enthusiasm but your lack of experience may show quickly as less-than-acceptable feedback a few couple of times. But then, there is no magic formula to get positive feedbacks overnight. Like in every business, your profile is build over time. Ebay Selling is relatively easy, however, you must first have a solid starting foundation.

Nobody is Perfect
Over a period of time you will accept a few negative feedbacks accumulated as part of the game as feedbacks are subjective. Also it is the overall percentage of feedback ratings that count more than absolute ratings. As long as you have way more positive feedback than negative feedback, then you will be all right.

How to Grow Your Feedback Ratings
Growing your feedback rating is key to your ebay success. Understanding the psyche of people is the key to success in business. However, one critical point of importance is, people are born with different satisfaction levels. Thus an identical service may draw flak from some people. Let us examine some reasons why people get dissatisfied, and even worst, leave a negative feedback for all to see!

1. Delay: different buyers have varying patience level. Some may get upset in a day while others may wait for a week. Still others may be pretending to be in a hurry. However, delay beyond a week is inexcusable unless you communicate to the buyer. For every product you sell, it is always best to place a clear sign on how soon your buyer can expect delivery. This is one of the key points in differentiating yourself from your competitors. You can use this as your Unique Selling Proposition. More information in detailed guided website listed below.

2. Bad packing for ill anticipated damages or as a cost saving measure could land you in trouble in case of eventual breakages. Practically, there is no need for you to be lenient about packing as you are within rights to charge for it. You have to know what you are selling. Are they branded goods? Or are they costume jewelry? Or real jewelry?

3. 'Item not as described' could arise due to omissions and/or errors in item description. Buyer could retaliate by assuming that he is cheated. You can avoid this by simple promises included within the product description like: 'inadvertent errors/omissions will be made good or money back'. This will mellow down the buyer to an extent. And do make sure you always keep your word. In Ebay, repeat customers will determine your very success online!

4. Trying to make money by overcharging for packing and shipping will upset any normal thinking person attracting his/her wrath. Check our your competitors, what are they charging for the same item? What are they charging for the delivery?

5. Anticipating retaliation for silly reasons can be effectively avoided by including some kind of statements such as 'email us at xxxxx in case of problem for immediate reply; please see our refund policy.' Giving a prompt refund can often avoid the situation of getting a negative feedback.

Some of these are anticipatory measures. Adopting them as a policy for everyday routine reduces incidences that ask for negative feed backs.

Successful Ebay Business
Having a successful ebay business is not impossible, however, there are a few key strategies which you have to be aware of when starting your very own ebay business. Offline business share many similar key characteristics as online business. However, they do not share all the same characteristics. This is the number one reason why majority of ebay sellers are not making a ton of money! We do urge you to visit as this site is dedicated to helping you start your very own ebay business successfully. All the methods and guides are from real ebay sellers and buyers, as well as from the very major players of ebay, the Ebay Power Sellers! A perfect guide if you are serious of starting your very own ebay business and be successful in it! Be the 10% of Ebay sellers who are making 90% of the money on ebay today!
About the Author
Why are Ebay Templates so critical to your success? Come to for a complete guide on Starting Your Very Own Successfull Ebay Business!

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