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CeMAP Online Training

By Joe Kocsis

CeMAP Online Training Programme

The dream of becoming a high earning UK mortgage adviser or even an independent mortgage broker is literally just a few steps away for the individual who is looking to make a career change or only just deciding on the career direction to take.

We all strive for success by studying for university degrees, attend courses and continuously look for a spark for direction in life and it's not until we see a professional person in front of us that we realise that it's a job that we would like to do. It seems easy watching that mortgage adviser working at the height of his/her career without realising what price they have had to pay to achieve success.

The good news is that for individuals looking to go into the UK Financial Services Industry, it's actually easier then you think to get going. The key to becoming a qualified UK mortgage adviser is to achieve a pass in a mortgage advice qualification, both of which can be taken outside of university or full time colleges.

There are two examination routes available to the UK candidate trying to achieve a qualification as a mortgage adviser and these are as follows:.

1. Mortgage Advice Qualification (MAQ)
2. Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

Both of these can be studded for in any of the formats below but in my opinion the CeMAP qualification is easier and more recognised in the UK.

We are all differently, absorb knowledge at different rates and each of us will respond to different ways of learning when being taught new subjects or wanting to change career direction. Let look at the different ways that we can

CeMAP Online Study
Group Study
Intensive Study
Schools and Colleges
Fast Track CeMAP Training Courses

Let's discuss each one of the study formats in turn:-

Self Study
The self-study route is the traditional way to study for an external examination and studying for the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) is no different.

For individuals wishing to do home study, or self-study, this is the cheapest route possible, as the Institute of Financial Services (ifs) will supply the study material and mock exam questions at a price.

For certain individuals, self study can appear to be the cheapest way initially but as it can sometimes take months or even years to eventually pass the mortgage advice qualification, being out of the mortgage industry can often cost 0,000's for the go for it individual.

You should also be beware that some people will often use eBay to try and sell used CeMAP material but take note: this is a complete waste of money, as you are required to register for the CeMAP examinations and all the up to date course material is supplied by the ifs included in the price of registration.

Furthermore, the used material will probably be out of date and as the ifs often changes the CeMAP examination content twice a year, you might be studying out of date material and fail as a consequence.

CeMAP Online Study
The CeMAP online study programme offers the home study delegate the best of both worlds. An opportunity to conduct learning from home at their own pace, in their surroundings and offering them online support through their home computer. Using the latest techniques and modern computer software a candidate can be guided down the tested areas of the examination and practice the multi-choice style questions used by the examiners.

Some of the more sophisticated organisations will have online mock exam questions and mark the papers instantaneously online. Subject to the pass marks achieved in the mock exams, the CeMAP online trainers will recommend the ideal time for the candidate to take their actual examinations.

Group Study
Often group study is the way that most people will respond too when taking in new information. The fact of studying in groups can be a very successful way to learn as each member of the group is motivated by other members and common ground is established. Dependent on the individual, group study can hinder the slow learner of a group and as a consequence it can be de-motivational.

Intensive Study
The CeMAP exam is broken down into three modules, namely:-

CeMAP Module 1:
CeMAP Module 2:
CeMAP Module 3:

Depending on your approach to learning, between 40 - 60 hours is recommended per module. Professional training courses have developed intensive learning techniques that can fast track candidates to pass the CeMAP exams in literally half to study time recommended by the Institute of Financial Services. This system allows the candidates to position themselves into a high earning job a lot quicker at a slightly higher cost than self-study.

Revision Courses
CeMAP revision courses are usually two-day courses and are designed for individuals who have done the recommended home-study hours but want a little bit of eXtra help to hone their knowledge and improve their examination skills and technique.

Fast Track Intensive CeMAP Training Courses
This is the big one, where all the above are brought together on one course.

This is where the CeMAP examination content is taught, exam technique is practiced and the ability to discuss and interact with the trainer is allowed. Many people have stated that they like the fact that they can ask questions to a live individual and clarify certain areas of uncertainty, as well as interacting with other delegates on the course.

These courses have incorporated the finest intensive learning techniques and fast track delegates in a matter of days in preparing them for their CeMAP exams, usually the week after attending the course.

So what criteria should you use when deciding on your future career direction? Well, try asking yourself a few of the following questions:

Would you prefer to be an employee?
Are you intent on being successful?
Would you like to be self-employed?
Are you determined to become a high earner?
Would you like to be in charge of your own destiny?
Do you think that you would enjoy helping people with their finances?

A 'yes' answer to most of these questions could mean that you should consider investigating how to become a mortgage broker but before you do, let's look a little further. The start to becoming a mortgage broker means passing a mortgage advice qualification and in my opinion the most recognised one in the UK is the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

Do you need to have a degree to pass the exams? You will not need academic qualifications to be able to pass the Cemap exams but one thing you will need is a strong desire to succeed in a highly competitive industry.
About the Author
Joe Kocsis the author has been in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years. Follow this link cemap training for further information.

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