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Finance Guide Basics

By Mansi Aggarwal

Every one or rather almost every one in this world would
definitely want to have his or her future secured. Thus,
every person who earns even a bit would like to save some
of the money and this is where the topic of personal financial
management comes into picture. Whatever be your purpose of
saving money, it needs to be regulated and updated.

Investment in stock markets is one option for the same. With
the advancement in technology and thereby, in means of
communication (for instance, the internet), the behavioural
pattern of the stock markets can be known within an instant
of time. Moreover, as the presence of the stock markets being
in every country, one can see the maximum numbers of investments
all over the world are made here.

Another option where you can regulate your finances is by
buying stocks. It is argued that although they are the diciest
and most fickle instruments for investments, they can bring
tremendous returns in the long run and can even leave you
resistant to the rate of inflation. By owning a particular
amount of stock, one is deemed to be the owner of a certain
value of a company i.e. the more stock is owned by you the
more faction of the company is in your hands. The prices of
the stock ca change in accordance with all the factors
affecting the stock markets for instance, economic,cultural
and business trends.

Often it is seen that we tend to leave the saving for college
and retirement till the last minute and then certain unwilling
consequences have to be borne. College planning resembles
retirement planning. There are bound to be questions in one's
mind like how much one should save for such kind of expenses
etc. it is recommended that where the planning for retirement
should start in one's early twenties, the planning for college
should start right from the birth of the child. It is agreed
by many that early planning and savings can be of huge benefits
in the long run. Planning for the college will include looking
for various colleges for alternatives, tuition fees and any
extra expenditure that might occur at the time for sending a
child to the college. Starting all this early enough will
provide adequate time to the parents to look for availing loan
facilities and decide their strategy accordingly. Retirement,
which is inevitable, has to be planned on the similar lines as
that of the college planning. Starting early and being realistic
are the keys for such kind of planning. Starting early means
to start soon after one has completed his or her graduation.
By being realistic it is intended to convey that one has to
save according to one's requirement of the kind of life proposed
to be lived after the retirement. This is to say that one has
to focus on the facts basically, for instance, if one plans to
live like a king with housemaids serving all the time and a
castle like house then one has to save much more than a person
who chooses to live a modest life with a simple house and an
off-hand vacation.

Hence, you should manage your finances cautiously with investing
in the right thing at the right time and saving money for the right
time, because surely, time is money!!

Article written by Mansi Aggarwal.

About the Author
Mansi Aggarwal
financial planner WA
comprehensive wealth management WA

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