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6. Are We Entitled To Things In Our Lives?

By Ab van Deemter

Are you fully aware of the fact that you create your own reality?- or do you feel entitled to a certain level of existence or a better life?

I remember there was a time in my life that I thought that life and the things that took place in it just happened to me and I became bitter because I felt I was entitled to a much better life.

It was difficult for me to change my whole perspective about life and to understand that my reality is the way I create it.

- If you feel unhappy because a relationship with somebody sucks, it's because you allow it to be that way.

- If you feel deeply disappointed or maybe even depressed about your life or your career, you choose it to be that way.
You created it so. You chose not to take the discipline to effectively change it.

Maybe you are so tired of feeling the disappointment and the pain, that it feels as if you can't change your life, but it is still the way you choose it to be. You have to realize that you create a process:

If you think: "I really want to do or have .." , and the whole time you think that "it is maybe not going to work", or "it's not as good as it should be", or "it is supposed to be this way or that way", what are you creating then?

Are you really expressing a power or a decisive expression, or are you creating conflict, something that you sabotage?

- It would be good to start asking yourself: Why on earth would you want the Universe to take better care of you than you are willing to take care of yourself?

- We feel entitled to have certain things in our lives. We feel entitled to have better work, more friends, better relationships, more abundance, a better life.

- We want the Universe to provide us with an infinite amount of abundance, or love, while we are not willing to do what is necessary to take care of the things that are present in our life.

- Taking decisions that help you to get out of your present situation does not mean you fail in what you do.
It does help you to start shifting things in your life. Maybe you're experiencing a period of ebb-tide.
Ebb-tides are always followed by a next wave of abundance. Maybe you need this time to heal on some level.

Remember: When you are taking care of yourself the Universe will help out in infinite amounts!

I hope this article is of value to you and I hope you realize that these self motivation tips are the key to creating your own positive reality. Therefore I recommend you to have a good and conscious look at how you are presently functioning in your life and if necessary to do some of this self motivation exercise in order to obtain the necessary self motivation skills.
About the Author
Ab van Deemter ( is a Personal Growth specialist and a spiritual person, who believes in sharing his knowledge of personal perseverance. He has studied metaphysics and other holistic methods for many years and embarked on a life of success. With successful tools for personal freedom he has made it past a life full of obstacles and now mentors and teaches business owners, their staff, his own employees, as well as a large group of private individuals.

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