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Diet for Infants

By Bette Daoust

A healthy diet for infants, from birth to 12 months, is what helps them grow fast and healthy. It is very important an infant should get the right kind and amount of nutrients each day.

Here are healthy diet tips that infants should eat:

1. Infants need milk that is rich in iron. So a goat's milk, evaporated milk or a cow's milk is never an alternative option for infants. Besides, these types of milk are harder to digest.

2. If you will not breastfeed and want to result in using formulated infant's milk, it is best to check the nutritional value. Never settle for formulated milks that have low iron content. Iron helps babies to grow healthy.

3. Never give soda, fruit juices, baby fruit juices, tea or coffee. Stick to breast milk or formulated infant milk.

4. Always check the formulated infant's milk if it is pasteurized. This assures you that all kinds of germs are killed.

5. Never give honey, raw eggs, or corn syrup. These contain germs that can harm your infant.

6. Never add anything on your breast milk like cereal or natural juices. These can alter the frequency of your baby's feeding. It can also cause your baby to gain weight very fast, which is not normal.

Remember that breast milk is always best for infants. It can keep your baby from getting sick. It provides more antibodies.

Your baby should be feed when he acts hungry like crying. Infants are usually fed every three hours. Remember that babies need to be fed 8 to 12 times within the 24 hours time.

For formula milk, there are different kinds of formula milk for infants now days. There ready to drink milk that do not require mixing and there are also in powdered form. Be sure to follow the instruction on how to mix the formula. It is also best to boil the water that you will use for mixing if you opt for powdered milk.
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