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Activity for Alzheimer's Patient: What You Can Do

By Mike Jerry

Planning an activity for an Alzheimer's patient (or patients) can be difficult. You have to keep in mind that because of their condition, it can be difficult for them to perform tasks that you would find simple. However, Alzheimer's statistics have found that, by having patients participate in activities, you can actually slow the progress of the disease in the brain because you are encouraging positive thinking and happiness within the mind of the patient. Assuming you are a caregiver, this article on Alzheimer's is intended to show you some things you can do to make life easier for the person you are caring for.

A Simple Activity is Always Best

Though the cause of Alzheimer's is unknown, the effects are very apparent. Alzheimer's is a mental disease, not a physical disease, meaning that patients are physically capable of performing activities. Additionally, Alzheimer's patients retain a childlike intelligence, meaning that they are capable of performing tasks that children can perform.

Caregivers should try to find out what the patient likes to do and design activities around their interests. For example, if the patient you are caring for enjoyed cooking before the disease set in, you should let them cut cookies with you, or make simple dishes (such as made-from-a-box cakes or salads). If your patient enjoyed gardening, let them weed or spade a garden. Perhaps you should let them play with toys or games, like building Lego's or playing bingo.

It is important to keep in mind that a patient probably won't want to stay on a task for a very long period of time, but you should constantly encourage your patient, as they need that positive reinforcement to make their lives seem more full. You do not want your patient thinking that they are a burden because it will only encourage the disease to progress more quickly.

Other Things to Keep in Mind as an Alzheimers Caregiver

Always make sure that your patient is taking their medication; this cannot be stressed enough. Each day, the disease will get worse and worse if proper care is not given. Additionally, you should research a good Alzheimer's diet. The Alzheimer's foundation has found that a diet consisting of low fat and low cholesterol meals slows the progress of this disease and, for those who do not have Alzheimer's, this type of dietary habit can aid in preventing Alzheimer's.

Also, consider supplements such as turmeric or glyconutrients. Both of these supplements have been statistically found to aid in the slowing of Alzheimer's, which is always a positive benefit. Finally, make sure that your patient is receiving proper amounts of nutrition, as they are not always capable of performing this task on their own.

Being a caregiver for an Alzheimer's patient can be a very exhausting task, I understand that. However, if you take on this responsibility, you must make sure that you are doing everything you can for them. If you follow the advice listed in this article, you will be a good caretaker.

About the Author
Alzheimer's disease is a terrible affliction, but with the proper information a family's progress through this challenge can be significantly easier. For helpful articles, tips and resources please visit Alzheimer's Caregiver Resource

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