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Why should you care about return traffic

By Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

The secret of a home business web site's success is the traffic to your web site..

And all you have to do is to attract as many new visitors as possible. Right?


A site cannot become truly popular unless it appeals the new users so much, that they decide to come back again and again, this is what I call return traffic .

I'm sure you have favorite places in the web where you stop by every now and then to get the information and entertainment. We all have, and we are part of their return traffic. So one of your important goals as a webmaster is to make your business site such a place, that you start receiving return traffic.

If you succeed in building your return traffic so, you can be sure that your advertising revenues will be higher, and more products you will sell.


Everybody in business knows that it takes more than one contact to make a sale. The more times people are exposed to your message, the more they tend to believe in it.

If you sell banner advertising space, the more visitors you have, the more contacts you can sell

A visitor that isn't ready for you offer today, might be ready for it the next time he comes... Or when the time is right.

Those who regularly visit the same site (return traffic), often mention it to their friends. And when people tell about you to their acquaintances, they start a traffic virus, because they will spread the word to their own acquaintances and so on. (Word-of-mouth is reputed to be the primary source of traffic for many sites). And most probably they too will become part of your return traffic.


+ The first one is obvious: Have a great site! Filled it with high quality content! If you aren't 100% sure on how to do it, you can read: "How to Sell on the Web" that's the best book you can read about how to create return traffic to your site
+ Update it continuously to retain the interest of your visitors. Add unique, fresh and interesting content every now and then, and if you can, improve the content you already offer to tempt return traffic. (Do it once or twice a month).
+ A good idea could be to add a "What's new" page or graphic, or somehow inform your return traffic about your recent developments.
+ Remind people to bookmark your site. Remembering Internet addresses is difficult, so only bookmarks can assure you that you won't be losing return traffic
+ Start a newsletter. Even if people bookmarks your site, they are unlikely to ever return once they leave. Editing a newsletter takes a lot of work, but gives large rewards in return. If you can get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, when you send them e-mail with your newsletter, they won't forget you, and you won't be accused of spamming.
+ Give something valuable for free, and better yet if you can give away every month something different.
+ Open a discussion forum. A well-moderated discussion forum can become a good source of return traffic to your site. (Keep a periodic surveillance to remove offensive content). And be careful, don't start your forum if your site isn't enough popular, or else the forum won't be frequented by many users, and there will be very few new messages and very few return traffic.
+ If you want return traffic, make your address easy to remember. What's easier to remember?


HostGator is a good place to ask for your own web site!

You can get your own domain for a few dollars a month. If you value your site at all, go professional and get your own domain. It looks more serious and reliable, and it's easier to remember for return traffic.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

About the Author
Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at: And you can post free your own articles, or find free articles for your web site or ezine at

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