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Benefits of Sales Force Automation

By John Banks

Today's high-tech world is flowing in a sharp wave of competition. All business levels, from small or medium sized companies to large enterprises, are struggling to maximizing their customer-base, securing the existing ones and maintaining profitability. Tough situation!

To survive this industrial race, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have become an integral part of every business category.

CRM systems are specialized software programs designed to automate and effectively manage all company procedures and operations such as tracking leads, marketing, sales and customer service functions. Sales force automation (SFA), an integral part of CRM, involves using a software application, to automate the business tasks of sales. This state-of-the-art technology provides an effective CRM leading to better customer relationship management, which ultimately results in enhanced customer satisfaction. Used in conjunction with marketing and sales management activities, Sales force automation is also called customer relationship management system.

A holistic view of this terminology equates to performing extremely advanced functions such as order processing, opportunity management, contact management, information sharing, reporting, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis, employee performance evaluation and much more.

Major concern among various services and industries is effective data management as it plays an essential role in rapid business growth, in terms of productivity and profitability. Therefore, many companies worldwide have deployed sales automation systems as an integral part of their administrative and CRM efforts. Given below are some of the strategic advantages offered by SFA: -

1.Sales automation systems create competitive advantage as the accurate sales forecasting feature enables evaluating competition trends followed by defining effective business strategies.

2.Helps the sales managers to monitor and control their sales team and track potential leads. The real time nature helps them to assess team/s and overall productivity.

3.The increase in productivity further creates a competitive advantage by reducing costs, increasing sales revenue and market share.

4.The entire sales team can benefit from this system both in office and in road. The field members can share sales data much more frequently with the management. This instant communication allows the management to use the given information while it is still valuable. Thus, sales force automation greatly reduces the management response time and allows the company to make active decisions with much more alertness and agility.

5.Allows the sales personnel/s to co-ordinate with other parts of the firm, particularly marketing, production, and finance.

6.The system helps in distinguishing your most profitable customers from the problematic ones, thus helping the management to forge even more performance-driven and customer-satisfying strategies.

7.Frequent and better communication among sales personnel facilitates successful team selling, better co-operation, and increased productivity.

8.The sales force systems can also be used as an effective and efficient training device. Sales staff can benefit from the readily available product information and sales techniques without having to waste time at seminars.

9.Adapting this technology can actually increase the sales person's ratio of selling time to non-selling time. Non-selling time includes activities like report writing, travel time, internal meetings, training, and seminars. Instead of printing or writing detailed sales reports, sales people can use the company intranet to transfer this information to their sales manager. This saves quality time, which can be best utilized in generating more and qualified sales leads.

10.When it comes to increasing or achieving a desired level of customer satisfaction, the inputs from your SFA system can be used to develop a product / service that matches or exceeds customer expectations. This further leads to a competitive advantage because customer satisfaction is equivalent to increased customer loyalty, reduced customer acquisition costs, reduced price elasticity of demand, and increased profit margins.

Sales force automation system allows the businesses to serve their customers with expertise and diligence. However, be cautious of the fact that this application involves continuous maintenance, information updating, and system upgrading. is name to remember among the sea of vendors providing SFA system. A leader in On-Demand customer relationship management, Sales Force empowers companies all over the globe with effective management of people and sales data. Using refined methodology and infrastructure, provides integrated SFA solution to maximize revenues, cut operational costs and effectively manage sales opportunities. Flexible customization allows companies to easily configure the application to match their own unique sales methodology or sales process.

With Sales Force comprehensive on-demand SFA, you get: -

Point-and-click customization that aligns with your selling techniques. Real-time analytics exuding accurate forecasts, thus empowering your business to make better decisions. Instant global deployment for offline and online use. Easy usability leading to multiple / variable adoption levels.

With, you can only get more selling time, increased number of profitable and satisfied customers while spending less time on administration. Now, is the time to give a competitive edge to your business. So, activate your 30-day Free Trial at and see for yourself.

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