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Retin A is an Effective Anti Aging Cream

By Alan Anderson

Continuous sun exposure can make a big difference to the body skin over the years. It brings lot of difference to the skin's texture and appearance. One of the major effects of sunlight is the aging of the skin. Aging is characterised by wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. The skin gets thinner and dryer as one ages. In order to avoid aging it's better to implement an anti aging skin care treatment program early on. One such treatment is "surface treatment" with a medicine named Retin A. This Retin A is used as an anti aging cream. It's a vitamin A-enriched cream that changes the cellular metabolism of the skin's surface and is used to combat fine facial wrinkles and saves from sun damage

Retin A or Retinoic acid is made from vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is absorbed through the intestines and stored in the liver. Vitamin A plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy skin. It comes in the form of liquid cream or gel and is applied before going to bed. Apart from using it as an anti aging cream it is also found to be very effective for the treatment for Acne and helps in eliminating the scars and blemishes left by acne.

It is recommended to use Retin A once a day and only on the affected portion. But before the usage of this medicine, it is suggested to follow some vital steps for finding successful results. The best time for applying Retin A is before bedtime. Before using this medicine, wash the skin with mild shop and dry the area and after that apply a thin film of Retin A to the affected and the surrounding area. But wash your hands immediately after its usage and avoid eye contact.

It cannot be exactly predicted how Retin A works. But clinical studies think that it may somehow loosen the connections between the skin cells and at the same time enhance the growth of new cells which in turn eliminates the problem of Acne. At the same time, it affects the depletion and dispersion of melanin as well as thickening and strengthening the tissues resulting for a firm and wrinkle free skin.

Its application may give mild stinging and a warm sense at the initial stage. On the other hand, dryness, scaling and redness may occur frequently. But if severe redness develops, a doctor should be notified immediately for it may be possible to start the therapy with a lower concentration. Besides it has been also found that some patients using Retin A developed an increased sensitivity to ultra violet rays of the sun resulting in sunburn. Therefore, it is advisable to use a sunscreen before exposing the skin to the sun.
A lot of quality results are found using the medicine on a regular basis, in the proper way and for an adequate period of time. It is prescribed to both younger as well as older persons.
About the Author
Alan Anderson writes on health, beauty and hairstyles. He has been working in the same field and writes informative articles for Hair Care subject. To learn more about Propecia, Hair Care tips, Hair Care Products, Retin A, Oracea, Hair Loss treatment visit

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