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How to Address the "Timing Isn't right" Objection

By Art Sobczak

Here's a step-by-step way to address the objection, "The time just isn't right, right now."

As with any objection, you need to break it down gradually with a series of questions. What you don't want to say at this point is, "Oh, OK, when can I call you back." A date is of little use if they're not interested. Because they've then just given you the next date when they'll brush you off again.

Your first move needs to be,"I see. Let's talk about that. First, do you agree that the system/product/service is something that you would see yourself using?"

This is critical. It confirms that they're not just blowing you off. No use wasting a series of frustrating follow-up calls to hear the same—or a more creative—objection again. Hey, if you're going to get a definite "I'm not a prospect," get it now.

Now, learning a time frame would be more useful. "When would you see yourself using/getting involved/joining/buying?"

Notice the wording here. Speak in terms of their action, what they will do—buy from you. If you just said, "When can I call you back?" you're simply asking them for permission to call again, and that's not as desirable as the alternative.

After confirmation of interest, then find out about the delay.

"What changes do you anticipate that would make another time right for you?"

Or, "What will make (date) a better time for you?"

Or, "What's going to happen between now and then that will make it a better time?"

This not only helps to further qualify their intentions (a fuzzy answer here might mean they aren't that hot of a prospect), but it gives you ammo to work with in case they're mistaken about what you've presented, they don't have all the facts yet, or if they aren't convinced about the value and urgency of acting now.

Listen very carefully to the answers.

Here are possible responses from them, and routes you could take.

They say, "We'll have more money available then."

You could revisit the reasons they're interested. Ask questions to help them tell you what the missed opportunity would be by waiting. Try to lead them to quantifying it. For example, "What would you say that is costing you now?" Or, if the situation isn't fixed, how much extra expense will you incur?"

Let's say you've concluded that they do have a valid reason for waiting, and they agree that they want to work with you. Firm it up at this point. Get commitments.

"OK, if anything changes between now and our next scheduled conversation, will you please call me?"

Or, "Great, so I'm assuming that the next time we speak we can discuss details of implementing the program?" Notice how you're pre-closing the sale.

After finishing the call, confirm your understanding with a letter detailing the points. Then and there, schedule reminders to keep your name in front of them: post-cards, hand-written notes, even after-hours voice mail information messages with tidbits of interest to them.

About the Author
Art Sobczak, President of Business By Phone, provides proven ideas, tips, and processes to help salespeople use the phone to prospect, sell and service without morale-killing rejection. To see word-for-word phrases you can use right now to get to and sell more buyers, and other resources such as books, audios, and seminars, and to get his FREE weekly TelE-Sales Tips, and access to back issues, go to:

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