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Small Home Based Businesses Should Focus On Targeted Customer Service

By Wycliffe Williams

Question? How many small home based business owners feel that they have to fight hard to keep their heads above water?

The further on you read, you'll begin to understand that for the small home based business today, it's not so important how hard you fight to stay afloat, as it is how smart you fight to stay afloat.

The fact of the matter is that customer satisfaction is a vital component in smart business management, especially if that business desires to remain buoyant.

Many successful businesses pride themselves upon customer satisfaction.

I find that a crucial aspect of my small home based business is targeted customer service. It involves doing the things that make a difference for my targeted customers.

Managing my time efficiently so that they benefit the most from my efforts. Always fine tuning the strong points of my small home based business for customer satisfaction.

I am cognizant of the fact that staying afloat in turbulent internet seas will hinge on my ability to know who my targeted customer is, and the feedback I can get from that customer.

Question? Do you know who your customer is?

Sounds like an obvious question doesn't it? This question should have been tackled somewhere along the way when you initially set up your small home based business.

Listen closely. I'm not saying that this question should have been fully answered before you began. I really don't believe that's possible because of the dynamic nature of business as a whole.

No no. What I am saying is that in most cases this question begins to get answered after you are well submerged in your business.

Indeed, should you feel that you have fully answered this question, try this one on for size.

If you have many streams of products or services bringing in steady revenue for your small home based business, take some time out, study one particular product. Look at that product long and hard and from every conceivable angle.

Dissect it, bisect it, and pull it apart. Find out for yourself who your customers are that purchase this product. Target them. Identify them.

Sitesell is an internet company that is strong in this area. Check them out at

And finally, when every aspect of this product is laid bare, ask yourself two valuable questions.

1. I know that I have a good handle on who my customer base is, but can I extend my reach to embrace other kinds of customers?

2. This next question is so simple, yet so valuable. The flip and tightly focused side of question number one. Am I ignoring different categories of customers?

Only you can honestly answer these questions, since only you know your particular small home based business inside out.

How do you know if what you sell is considered of value to your customers?

Indeed, all small home based business owners feel confident they can answer this one.

Simple. Give them quality.

Make sure that quality permeates your product (had better).

When a customer decides to purchase your product, they satisfy a want. The customer for all intents and purposes, purchases value.

Allow me to explain. My teenage son doesn't wear just any old sneaker. Oh no! It has to be a teen fashion statement sneaker. For my teenage son, that's where the value is. He doesn't care what the sneaker costs. Quality isn't high on his agenda either.

When considering my older son, he's a bit different. Especially now, he considers himself more mature. My older son has moved beyond teen fashion.

He now looks for quality, good price, a decent fit, you see where I'm going. That teen sneaker holds absolutely no value to him.

But how would you the business owner, know that about these two men?

Would you guess that? A bit risky wouldn't you think?

No, you must ask questions! Yes, get feedback from your customers. Feel them out. Ask them questions?

Do you know whether you're delivering value? If you don't, you should. After all, they are your customers.
Wycliffe Williams has been in sales management for over twenty years. He gets a kick out of writing articles. Customer satisfaction is a key plank with SiteSell. Check them out
About the Author
Wycliffe williams has been in sales management for over twenty years. Customer satisfaction is a key plank with sitesell. Check them here

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